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New Year's Day by Bon Jovi

Album: This House Is Not for SaleReleased: 2016
  • Bon Jovi had a painful time during 2014-2015 with guitarist Richie Sambora's sudden departure from the band and the ending of their 33-year relationship with Mercury Records. This ode to the group member's cohesion finds Jon Bon Jovi singing about starting over again.

    Let's toast to new beginnings, raise up a glass and say,
    'For all of our tomorrows, and what was yesterday

    Speaking at a listening event, Jon Bon Jovi said it was a song "about the rebirth of the band."
  • The song was initially planned to be a waltz in 6/8-time. In the studio, it turned out quite different after drummer Tico Torres counted the beat and the band jumped in: "It was just fantastic to see the band together like that," Jon Bon Jovi recalled. "This one is a piece that just happened in the moment – and the whole band was involved."
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