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I Can't Be Mad by Nathan Sykes

Album: Unfinished BusinessReleased: 2016
  • When The Wanted broke up, it was far from amicable. Nathan Sykes penned this song at a time when he was still reeling after splitting from his other former boy band members. He told The Sun:

    "I Can't Be Mad is just so vulnerable. I was in such a dark place when I wrote that. There was a time just before the end where it was really, really dark. It was all happening, a couple of us were in quite a bad place.

    "We had lost family members, been through break-ups and all sorts and it all took its toll at once. Then we decided we were going to take a break. It lifted the weight off our shoulders a bit.

    "It wasn't until I started writing in those sessions where I was like, 'God, I really had a tough time'. Reflecting on it was like therapy."
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