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Look What You've Done by Jet

Album: Get BornReleased: 2003Charted:
  • This is about the father of band members Chris and Nic Cester, and how he cheated on their mom when they were younger. They always looked up to him as a hero, and he let them down by cheating on their mom. >>
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    Alison - New York City, NY
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Comments: 27

I'd much rather listen to a song which resembles the Beatles any day of the century , then all this ''Satanic Reggae'' (Gangster Rap Music) that all the Crack-Pant wearing Kids listen to nowadays.Craig - San Francisco California
sounds alot like the beatlesBen - Rohnert Park, Ca
I'm a HUGE fan of The Beatles now, but I didn't listen to them much when this song first came out. I heard it again yesterday (wow, that's ironic) and I was amazed. I couldn't figure out what it sounded like, though... maybe a combination of a few songs.K - Nowhere, On
If you really listen closely, they sound a lot more like Badfinger than they ever did the Beatles. When they sing "you've made a fool of everyone" it is really erie. I've been a Pete Ham junkie clear back to when he was still alive and this band really has a Badfinger feel. I think they are fabulousSteve - Salt Lake City, Ut
damn straight Scott!!! Id rather hear a band who sounds alot like the Beatles, ACDC, or whomever than a bunch of morons rapping over drop D tuned guitars and some arsehole in the background scratching records.Jeff - Austin, Tx
I don't understand why Jet is criticized for sounding like The Beatles or The Who or Queen. That's the best thing a band could do nowadays. Sounding like those bands is 100x better than sounding like the other crap that's out there today.Scott - Boston, Ma
Awesome tune!Frank - Brampton, Ontario, Canada
this is an absolutely beautiful beautiful,song. i totally love listening to it,old music is the best.this song is one of the best i've ever heard and i could listen to it for agesTim - Toronto, Canada
Jet has been accused of ripping off about every major rock artist before them. It's true that they took their sound from all these artists, and still sound better than most of the new stuff today (which all sounds the same).June - San Jose, Ca
I like this song.Im a big Beatles fan.But I couldn't help to think they ripped off "Sexy Sadie" Thats the first thing to come to mind.However its much better than any Oasis Beatles rippoff.So I give Jett the credit of making a good song from another bands ideas.Len - Raleigh, Nc
JEt are waybetter than my chemical romance,and comparin the twois totally ridiculousDavid - Amsterdam, Netherlands
I find it funny that, 'cancer' by my chemical romance is almost a clear rip-off of this song. Especially since jet aernt that great themselves and have stolen their sound. But at least the rip is from jet rather than another band stealing a tom petty riff.Alex - Perth, Australia
"Get Born" sounds like what might have come from the Beatles had they stayed together after "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be"William - Auburn, Al
The beginning sounds more like The Fool on the Hill than Sexy SadieMampoop - Montreal, United States
The idea for the song came from the Beatles. Jet used them as an inspiration. Chris and Nic were/are big fans of them and wanted to in some way do a tribute to them.. this song is that.Molly - Ann Arbor, Mi
Not only are the lyrics to this song similar to "Sexy Sadie" by the Beatles, it also sounds very similar. I wonder if Jet acknowledges this. It's still a great song nonetheless.Joe - Amherst, Oh
Jet is an okay band. But I'm not a big fan of their's. When I heard this song I thought it was so cool! It does sound like the Beatles, though!Jeevan - Brampton, Canada
I Love this track - it's easily their best and I agree with everyone about how Beatles influenced it isMark - Irvine, Scotland
When I first heard this on the radio, I thought it was Imagine for the first two seconds, then I thought it was someone completely ripping off Imagine, then I realised it was Jet. It's a ver good song, too. And very, very, heavily Beatles- inspired.Ashley - Moncton, Canada
The entire "Get Born" album is heavily influenced by classic rock, starting with the album cover (Revolver, anyone?) and this song sounds VERY Beatles-ish, along with the live studio songs (Are You Gonna Be My Girl?), and there's another song that starts off with a distant electric guitar before switching to an acoustic one midway through the song (à la "Wish You Were Here"). Either it's one huge tribute or they're trying too hard to emulate the classic rock feel.Jim - Oxnard, Ca
This is one of my favorte songs by Jet. It realxes me when I feel down, even though this song is a sad song. But when I am down and someone else is down i feel way better because they are feeling just the same as I am. Its a beautfiul song that I can listen to forever.Anna - San Francisco, Ca
piano pattern is so let it be/hey jude like. but still it's a great song - and it's impossible to get out of your headSteve - New York City, Ny
The vocal and instrumental phrasing, particularly the piano and drums are pure Beatles.Ron - Curitiba, Brazil
This song is important because someone does something they arent supposed to do, and they have to live with itAiedail - Carnation, Wa
relly good song and they do sound some what like the Beatles.Jc - Chanute, Ks
This song is obviously inspired by the Beatles song "Sexy Sadie". The first line of "Sexy Sadie" is "Sexy Sadie / What have you done? / You made a fool of everyone / You made a fool of everyone / Sexy Sadie / Oh, what have you done?"Al - Irvine, Ca
This is a beautiful song and i love it and anyone who's ever heard it automatically gets it stuck in their head. I particullarly love the line "Take my photo off the wall If it just won't sing for you" which in my opinion is a metaphor for someone who just isn't satisfied with you anymore...and since the song is about someone who was unfaithful then i guess it would make sense.Its songs like these that make me smile and not lose hope about the music of the 21st century..its not all Junk.Babygurl - Beverly Hills, Ca
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