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1 Trillion Dollar$ by Anti-Flag

Album: For Blood and EmpireReleased: 2006
  • This song is about the enormous amount of money the United States government spends on the military every year, which is far more than any other country. It's not $1 trillion (about half that in 2006), but still a staggering sum.

    "It's asking the question, 'Who is this benefitting?,'" Justin Sane, who sang lead on the track, said in his Songfacts interview. "When young men and women in the military are being sent in harm's way, what are they fighting for? Are they really fighting for our safety, or are they fighting for Halliburton and the oil companies? And that's a question that we're trying to ask: 'Where is all this money going that is being spent on the military? Who is benefitting from that?'"
  • When Anti-Flag wrote this song, America's invasion of Iraq had turned into an occupation that was very costly and offered little benefit. This song looks at the wasteful spending, and how it's doing much more harm than good.
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