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Album: ToxicityReleased: 2001
  • "X" is overpopulation and the dire need for a decrease. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Robert - Nogales, AZ
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Comments: 21

Chili is wrong
SOAD is made of Armenian migrants (except Darion, whose parents are). They often refer to the United States in a negative way so a right winged patriotism is not likely to be their ideology.
Mokitoro - France
Immigration. We don't need illegals multiplying, but we don't need to nullify the citizenship of the legals and deport them.Ian - Chilli, Oh
i think it saying that people are gonna put in our heads that we need to stop multyplying.......eventually their gonna start killikng people off and their gonna tell us how many kids we can have but its gonna all go wrongMaria. - Montclair, Ca
'Even though I like the beat to this song, I disagree wioth part of it. Yes we don't need to destroy, or kill; agreed with. But we should continue to multiply. Think about it the WORLD would come to an end within 60years or so. It would be ignorant not to multiply.'i disagree... humans are the scum of the universe they destroy everything, their are also not sustainable... they are selfish and corrupt. all the humans in the world dieing out wouldnt be a bad thing...Richard - Aldershot, United Kingdom
I have two theories to the meaning of this song.
1. The aforementioned overpopulation of the world. It seems like you guys have decided to go on that way, but I am more inclined to believe this:
2. It's about immigration. We have the overpopulation problem with people coming into the country i9llegally. What lead me to belive this was the line "Tell the people, Tell the people that arrive,Tell the people,Tell the people that arrive,We don't need to multiply,"
Basically tell the immigrants that the countries population doesn't need to multiply.
Evan - Norman, Ok
It is about overpopulation with the part, "We don't need to multiply!" basically tells it right in front of you. Think about it; we are overpopulating because of hoes, whores, and people that sell their bodies for money and get pregnant and go into labor, and yet they still do it just because.Jacob - Somewhere, United States
its questioning us. why multiply if theres War and any other kind death in the world? we are all goin to end up killing each other in someway.
thats what the songs getting at.
either that or not multiplying, so that their arnt new generations to start new wars or build new bombs or grow up in a hollywood world.
this band is amazing tho in anyway u read into their lyrics
Mr.b - Edinburgh, Scotland
Another great song by the satan worshiping animal molesters. This is not a criticism. I love Satan and screw dogs like i've heard these guys do.Rick - Columbus, Ga
Even though I like the beat to this song, I disagree wioth part of it. Yes we don't need to destroy, or kill; agreed with. But we should continue to multiply. Think about it the WORLD would come to an end within 60years or so. It would be ignorant not to multiply.Blake - Hamilton, Oh
A common System thing is two similarly structured verses about different things (i.e. Thetawaves). We have one verse with the message "Stop having kids, the world is overpopulated already." We have another verse that deals with killing, and presumably has a tie-in to genocide, with the message "Be aware of major genocides and hate-related killings of the past. We don't need to nullify." Here nullify means undo the multiplication. So the song's complete message reads "Stop multiplying, the earth is overpopulated. However, don't think killing people en masse is a solution to this problem."Dennis - Toledo, Oh
To tell you the truth, I think its about anti-abortion. They say we dont need to multiply, thus we dont need any more kids. But than it says we dont need to nulify, which means we dont need to get rid of. And Ask the people what is right and Show your people how we died is just saying that the public can either go with it or go against it.Seth - La, Ca
Let humans kill themselves off. Really we are just screwing ourselves, and the earth, over so just let us die and life will go on. The Earth does not need us to exhist.Jacob - Cbd, Pa
The song is about the need not to multiply hence "X" because we are just killing ourselves off anyway so whats the point point of repopulation if we are going to kill eachotherRay - Southold, Ny
This song is about convincing thats theirs to many people on earth and not to multiply/not to reproduce and hes saying to show them how we die because hes saying why should we reproduce so if their eventualy goin to die.Stevie - Lincoln Park , Nj
i figured at first it had to do with ecstasy considering the first song on the album had something to do with drug money, but now i think its something along the lines of x meaning multiply like joe said, and overpopulation of the world. thats what makes more sense to me.Anthony - Melbourne, Fl
I always thought it was like a person telling some tribe of people how to live. "tell your people how we die" and "tell the people that are right"... but im crazy... don't listen to me.Cole - Greenville, Tx
Serj Tankian's Grandmother was a victim of genocide!Dale - Columbia, Sc
I actualy thought this was another song about the Genocide. The line "tell the people how we died" seemed to fit that but that's just me.Ian - New York, Ny
this is my favorite song on the cdBilly Ross - Hagerstown, Md
Most likely that we're going to overpopulat the worldGabriel Maclean - Toronto, Canada
This song is called X but it is pronounced multiply. My friend figured that out because X means multiply, and of course because Serj Tankian yells, "WE DONT NEED TO MULTIPLY!" repeatedly in the song. Im still not exactly what its about though.Joe - Racine, Wi
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