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Oczy Mlody by The Flaming Lips

Album: Oczy MlodyReleased: 2017
  • This is the opening song and title track from the Flaming Lips' Oczy Mlody album. The band released a series of videos explaining the record, with frontman Wayne Coyne describing the meaning behind the album's Polish language title.

    "At first it appealed to us because it appeared to sound like a drug; it reminded us of oxycodone," Coyne said. "And then I think this initial appeal made us curious about what it could mean, and I believe when we looked it up, the very first thing we saw was that it meant 'eyes of the young'… We wouldn't like the title 'Eyes of the Young,' but we liked how these other jumbled words could mean that."
  • What's the best known use of Polish in a western pop song? Our suggestion is David Bowie's Low track "Warszawa" where the Thin White Duke borrows lyrics from a tune sung by the Polish folk choir, Slask.
  • It was the Flaming Lips' Steven Drozd who first came across the title phrase in a Polish translation of the Erskine Caldwell novel Close To Home.
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