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You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)


Dead or Alive

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This was one of the first Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions. The team had scored their first hit with Hazell Dean's "Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)," Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive decided he wanted to work with the production team after hearing Dean's song. Stock, Aitken and Waterman went on to write and produce hits for Mel And Kim, Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley.
"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" was written by Pete Burns with his fellow band members Steve Coy, Tim Lever and Mike Percy. Produced by the Stock-Aitken-Waterman, it ran to 3 minutes 19 seconds, was released on the Epic label in November 1984, and hit the #1 UK spot in March the following year.

This unabashedly commercial song was a massive hit, claiming the top spot in Canada, Ireland and Switzerland as well as #11 on the Billboard Chart. (thanks, Alexander Baron - London, England)
The strings were based on Richard Wagner's classical piece "Ride Of The Valkyries."
This didn't his UK #1 until its 14th week in the Top 75, breaking what was the record for the slowest climb to the top of the charts. It originally entered the Top 75 before the 3 records that proceeded it at #1.
Dead Or Alive had another hit in England with "That's The Way (I Like It)" and one more in the US with "Brand New Lover." Lead singer Pete Burns was very distinctive - he had an androgynous, Boy George look that was popular in the '80s.
This track was re-released in 2006 after the lead singer of Dead Or Alive, Pete Burns, took part in Celebrity Big Brother on UK TV.
There have been a number of mixes and a number of re-releases of this song. The band Dope did a more industrial version for the American Psycho soundtrack. Jessica Simpson recorded it in 2006. (thanks, Rachel - London, England, for above 2)
Adam Sandler sang this in the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer to open the film.
In 2007, Pete Burns filed a lawsuit against the plastic surgeon who worked on his lips. Burns released this statement: "What happened to me after a series of injections was far worse than any nightmare I could have envisioned. Not only was it agonizingly painful but it was physically repulsive in the extreme. It was impossible to lead any life whatsoever. I was unable to leave my house as I was so distorted with swelling and I might begin to discharge yellow pus that was coming from the holes in my face. At times it leaves me seriously suicidal and depressed and I could have problems for the rest of my life. If I can prevent at least one person from undergoing this hell and point them in the right direction to a doctor who can manage their problem, then at least I can help stop someone else suffering."
This song was sampled by the rapper Flo Rida on his 2009 hit single "Right Round."
Speaking with the Daily Mail in a 2012 interview, Pete Waterman revealed that the song was recorded in a 36-hour session, and he took cocaine to help him stay awake in the studio. "It's the only time I have ever done cocaine in my life," he said. "Well, you know, how do you stay up for 36 hours?"
Dead or Alive
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Comments (13):

Someone actually combined this song with Dannii Minogue's "I Begin To Wonder." Like her sister Kylie, Danni also had an appreciation for mashups and proceeded to make her own version of the mashup.
- Don, Munster, IN
It's funny how this song is so dated, and so timeless, at the same time! It's one of those songs that people hate to admit that they really like.
- Karen, Manchester, NH
this is better than flo rider's version.
- Victoria, Chicago, IL
love this in the wedding singer! great song and hilarious movie!
- cynthia, scranton, PA
It's an awesome song.

Music Video is pretty funny/scary/disturbing though. Made all my friends laugh.
- David, Fort Wayne, IN
Why the hell is this filed under the band "Live"?
- Luke, Manchester, England
Compare this with Hazell Dean's 1984 hit Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go). The same producers, the same song.
- Peter, Middelburg
This song does sound a little stalkerish, as Lacie pointed out. Still, I have to say it's one of my favorites because of the beat and Peter Burns' deep voice. Too bad Smart Start had to cheapen it by using it in its commercial. Nevertheless, I still like it, and sometimes when I'm jokingly making a pickup line, I'll say to a friend, "You spin me right round like a record, baby!" A couple of my friends and I used to dance to it in the dorms in college. Fun stuff.
- Carrie, Roanoke, VA
Is this song about a stalker? i mean read these lyrics

Yeah I, I got to know your name
Well and I, could trace your private number baby
All I know is that to me
You look like you're lots of fun
Open up your lovin' arms
I want some

sounds stalkerish
- Lacie, Whitefish, MT
Possibly one of the best pop songs ever written - honest! So fierce!

The comments above forget to add that it went all the way to number FIVE (!!) UK when it was re-released in 2006.
- Kim, New Btunswick, NJ
This piece never gets old.
- Zak, Superior, CO
I enjoy this stuff. Fun music, and it has a nice vibe overall.
- Dee, Indianapolis, IN
In reply to Edwartd Pearce, "Dead Or Alive's UK hits didn't just stop with "That's The Way..." (No. 25 in 1984), and "You Spin Me Round..." which went to No.1; they also had further suceess in 1985 with No.11 hit "Lover Come Back To Me" and "In Too Deep" which reached No.14, while a series of minor UK Top 40 hits - including "Brand New Lover" - saw the band continue to chart until as late as 1989.
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
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