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Oh My God by The Pretty Reckless

Album: Who Are You Selling ForReleased: 2016
  • Taylor Momson sings here of a dissatisfaction with her current state of being:

    Oh my god
    Wish I was black
    Wish I had soul when my music attacked
    I am so white
    I shine like the sun
    Just like with Eve count it down to the one

    Asked what she means by the line "I wish I was black" Momsen told TeamRock: "I don't wanna get too specific; it's not that simple. It's not just as simple as 'I wish I was black', it's 'I wish had soul and my music attacked.' It's going, 'I wish I had more to me than I feel like I do.'"

    Guitarist Ben Phillips added: "If you take that song literally, and I don't think people do when they hear it, but if you break it down and ask questions about it…" Momsen continued: "... it kind of rips away the whole point of the song, which is desperation."

    Phillips concluded: "It's like 'Animals' by Pink Floyd, when he says 'Big man, pig man,' it's not actually a pig man. If you asked him, 'Is there a pig man sitting in front of you?' the answer would be no. That was a really terrible analogy! But I think that song is desperate desire to be more than you are, and that lyric is interesting."
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