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Album: Rocky Horror Picture Show SoundtrackReleased: 1975Charted:
  • In the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, mad scientist Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) hosts a wild party at his castle, where his strange assortment of guests do the "Time Warp," a parody of novelty dance numbers such as "The Twist" and "The Loco-Motion." Riff Raff, a creepy humpbacked servant played by Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien, introduces the song, along with his sister Magenta (Patricia Quinn) and groupie Columbia (Nell Campbell), who does a tap-dancing solo. But just how do you do the Time Warp? The criminologist narrator chimes in with a detailed explanation:

    It's just a jump to the left.
    And then a step to the right.
    With your hands on your hips.
    You bring you knees in tight.
    But it's the pelvic thrust...
    That really drives you insane
    Let's do the Time Warp again!
  • This originated in the 1973 stage production The Rocky Horror Show as the fifth musical number, but was moved up to fourth in the film. Frank-N-Furter also leads the cast in an encore at the end.
  • English pop singer Damian released a cover version in 1987 and, two years later, a remix landed at #7 on the UK charts.
  • Shortly after the movie's dismal release, it became a popular attraction at midnight screenings, where audience members began a long-standing tradition of shouting dialogue, tossing food and toilet paper at the screen, and of course, doing the "Time Warp." The dance routine has also become a staple at weddings and other celebrations.
  • A 2016 TV remake, The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again, cast Reeve Carney as Riff Raff, Christina Milian as Magenta, and Annaleigh Ashford as Columbia.
  • The Glee cast covered this in 2010 as part of the episode "The Rocky Horror Glee Show." Meat Loaf, who played ex-delivery boy Eddie in the movie, made a cameo appearance.
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