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Brass In Pocket by Pretenders

Album: The PretendersReleased: 1980Charted:
  • There is a lot of British slang in the lyrics:

    "Got Bottle" - Have courage.

    "Skank" - Move your body side to side.

    "Reet" - Righteous

    "Brass" is a Northern English expression for money, harking back to the days when non-silver coins, or "Coppers" were worth something.
  • The song's title came about after The Pretenders first ever UK gig, when they were in the communal dressing room with The Strangeways, who they were supporting. Chrissie Hynde wanted to know whose trousers were sprawled over the back of a chair. One of The Strangeways Ada Wilson said: "I'll have them if there's any brass in the pockets." When Chrissie inquired what he meant by brass, it was explained to her that brass is a northern slang term for money. Chrissie fell in love with the expression and was inspired to write the song.
  • In the video, lead singer Chrissie Hynde was a waitress, implying the "brass" was the change she got from tips. Hynde worked as a waitress in the US before she moved to London in 1973.

    Note in the video when James Honeymoon-Scott points to the daily special tag on the cafe menu he is holding, at the same point the lyrics of the song hit "I'm special, so special." Pure corn... but funny. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Hugh - Kansas City, MO
  • In an interview with the Observer newspaper from December 12, 2004, Hynde said, "When we recorded the song I wasn't very happy with it and told my producer that he could release it over my dead body, but they eventually persuaded me. So I remember feeling a bit sheepish when it went to #1." In a VH1 interview, Chrissy Hynde openly admitted to loathing the song, and admitted that since so many fans love the song, she continues to play it. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Thomas - Marion, IN
  • The Pretenders came to producer Chris Thomas' attention when he saw them at The Marquee Club in London. He recalls in 1000 UK #1 Hits by Jon Kutner and Spencer Leigh: "I especially liked 'Brass In Pocket.' I went backstage to tell Chrissie. However Chrissie told me she didn't really like it. I insisted it was going to be a hit and if she didn't want to record it she should send it over to the producer Willie Mitchell and it would make her a fortune."
  • In the 2003 film Lost in Translation, Scarlett Johansson's character (Charlotte) sings this song, seemingly to Bill Murray's character (Bob), in a Japanese karaoke bar. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tony - Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia
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Comments: 25

On February 10th 1980, "Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)" by the Pretenders entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #92; thirteen weeks later on May 25th it would peak at #14 {for 2 weeks} and it stayed on the chart for 22 weeks...
And on January 13th, 1980 it reached #1 {for 2 weeks} on the United Kingdom's Singles chart...
In Australia it peaked at #2 {for 3 weeks} on the Kent Music Report chart; the 3 weeks it was at #2, the #1 record for those three weeks was "I Got You" by Split-Enz...
The quartet had two other Top 100 records, "Stop Your Sobbing" {#65 in 1980} and "Back On the Chain Gang" {#5 in 1981}.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
...and it is Detroit Leanin' as, in the Motor City, they drove leant back in their cars.Luke - Manchester, Uk
1. Clive, you're talking crap.
2. The terms are not British - not in these senses;
Skank is slang for weed - they had a friend who rated his weed with different titles and "so reet" was to mean "very good".
Luke - Manchester, Uk
Listen to the Demo version of the song on the Pretenders Remastered/Expanded Edition, and I think she clearly says: "Detroit Leanin'"Daniel - Chicago, Il
This song is pure filth.
She doesn't sing "Got something, I'm winking at you", she actually sings "Got something winking at you", ie, her vagina.
She doesn't sing " drivin, Detroit leaning" (God knows who invented that), she actually sings "Divin', ditalini". Ditalini is Italian for fingering. In other words, she's been playing with herself.
Clive - Reading, United Kingdom
I have a good friend who knew the band personally and he told me in a drunken stupor that Chrissy wrote this for a love interest that she was admiring when she lived in London. The song lyrics are true with "reet" and "bottle". Chrissy always appreciated reggae and a lot of her influences came from that. Chrissy was originally from Ohio which "detroit leaning" was a way of driving not only in Detroit but throughout the mid-west.James - Sherman Oaks, Ca
Like a lot of people, I'm not at all sure what in blazes the lyrics are to this DAY! But the melody is charming, the instrumentation is superb, and Hynde's lethargic vocals really give it it's playfully sexy edge. A great song.Paul - Washington Dc, Dc
Just to show that even karaoke can be wrong. On Sound Choice's version on Brass In Pocket, they have so many wrong lyrics it's not even funny. For example: instead of saying "got bottle" they have "got vital", for "intention I feel inventive" they have "intention I'm feeling my dab", and "been driving Detroit leaning" is now "been diving detour leaning", and "no reason just seems" turns into "no visa just seems."Mark - Los Angeles, Ca
where she says " gonna use my sidestep", i always heard it " gonna use my soft cell" as in her private area. wishful thinkin' i s'poseCliffington - Goleta, Ca
she DOES say Detroit, on an interview with VH1 I was watching she said the "detroit lean" was the way people drove their cars in detroit by placing only one hand on the wheel in the 12 o'clock positionPeter - Buffalo, Ny
Chrissie definitely does NOT say Detroit. Feminine intuition tells me it's 'been diving, ditalini'. Ditalino is Italian for a pleasureable activity women engage in on their own.Swallow - Dublin,
actually Ash i remember you from your comments about the song Relax...remember Fiona?????? go have a look, she never did respondPete - Nowra, Australia
Jay i thought it was "gonna make your motors"....???????Pete - Nowra, Australia
"Got a new skank, so reet!" Note: a 'skank' here, is also a reggae/ska guitar rhythmic percussion sound....it is so 'reet' (rasta-speak for 'right')! //

It most certainly sounds like Chrissy is singing "diving, detour leaning" NOT "driving, detroit leaning". //

The final phrase that most everybody leaves out is: "Anyway you want!"
Ds - Louisville, Ky
i just discovered tonight: this was also in the 2005 movie "Just Like Heaven" starring Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon. (which came as a pleasant surprise.) twas used for the scene when Ivana Milicevic was trying (but failed) to seduce Mark.Joycemorrison - Ph
damn this is such a COOL song! Chrissie's voice is so strong... makes _me_ notice. learning now that this was used in "Lost In Translation", well, the movie has moved up another notch in my book.Joycemorrison - Ph
Detroit leaning is a style of driving....one hand on the wheel, head back against the headrest, seat tilted back, usually while singing to the radioKurt - Lyndhurst, Oh
This was the third video to air on MTV August 1, 1981.
---marsha, Houston, TX
Marsha - Fort Worth, Tx
what does "Detroit leaning" mean?Sab - Charlotte, Nc
I always thought it was "gonna use my sassy". Got Bottle means courage? Who knew? Song still sounds great..Dc - Hilo, Hi
At the very end of the song Chrissy Hynde says something (2:47 into the song) which sounds like a foreign language. Does anyone know what she is saying?Roel - Cleveland, Oh
A common misheard lyric: Instead of "Gonna make you notice", it has been misheard as "Gonna make you malteds". Which wouldn't be such a bad thing..........Jay - Atlanta, Ga
Thanks to this site, I now know what a "skank so reet" is!Heather - Holbrook, Ny
Pete - on this very day I found that out, too. I always thought it was "senses" as well. God bless the internet.Ash - Charleston, Wv
ya know after hearing this song for about 15 years i've finally worked out one of the lines in the songs ...didn't have a clue what she was singing...."gonna use my sidestep" always thought it was "gonna use my senses" well now i knowPete - Nowra, Australia
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