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Silver & Gold by Neil Young

Album: Silver & GoldReleased: 2000
  • This celebration of love and commitment was originally penned by Neil Young in the late 1970s and shows up on bootlegs from that period. He spent a decade trying to get the right "take" and the song's first "official" release was on the 1992 Unplugged album. He eventually included it as the title track of his twenty-fourth studio album.
  • Neil Young said about the song in a track-by-track on Thrasher's Wheat: "This one says to me that relationships are more important than material things. You could take a look at me and say I was really full of it, because I have so many possessions it's ridiculous. But it's dawning on me how useless most of them are."
  • Neil's daughter Amber took the album art photo with the Game Boy Camera.
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