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When I Come Around by Green Day

Album: DookieReleased: 1994Charted:
  • A track from Green Day's first major label album, this is a very personal song lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote about being away from his girlfriend, Adrienne Nesser, and the frustrations they both felt when he was on the road. Billie Joe met Adrienne in 1990 when Green Day performed in Minnesota, where she lived. He was just 18, and found it difficult to maintain a long distance relationship, especially with his touring schedule. In this song, he affirms his devotion for her, assuring her that when he does get to see her (when he "comes around") he will make it up to her.

    Billie Joe and Adrienne got married in July 1994, a few months after Dookie was released and right in the midst of the band's rapid ascent to stardom (the band was touring at the time). The marriage endured, and couple had two children together.
  • MTV aired two different videos for this song. A concept video for the song was directed by Mark Kohr, and MTV also showed a live version from Green Day's infamous Woodstock '94 performance (lots of mud was in the air). They used this video to promote the MTV Woodstock '94 retrospective video tape. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    George - Islip Terrace, NY
  • Jason White, who sometimes played as a second guitarist for Green Day, is in this video. He's the guy kissing the girl.
  • When performing this song at Woodstock '94, a fan threw a clump of mud onstage and Billie Joe stuck it in his mouth. This caused the fans to keep throwing mud and started the infamous mud fight. A security guard (in a rush to get fans off of the stage) accidentally slammed bassist Mike Dirnt into an amplifier, causing him injuries to his arm and three of his teeth.
  • This song was not released as a single, which was a strategic move by Green Day's label (Reprise) to goose sales of the album. Airplay pushed the song to #6 in America.
  • The Woodstock '94 version is included on the festival's live album, Woodstock 1994.
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Comments: 34

By Staind? Haha, that's kind of a hard mistake to make, Spencer, I guess if you were just a kid it makes sense, though. I used think "Unsung" by Helmet was Pennywise ('Seriously, man?' Yeah I did!).

I also think it's an easy mistake to think Green Day sang "Closing Time", as that song has a similar if not Identical chord progression to this song.

I also used to think that "Glycerine" by Bush had the same chord progression until I learned both songs on the guitar. (Glycerine uses different chords but probably the same melodic progression, This song is tuned a half step down while Glycerine is in standard)
Zero - The Abyss, Nj
When I was a kid I thought this was by Staind now I realize it's from Green Day.Spencer - Eugene, Or
My favorite Green Day song hands down. It has such simplicity but so catchy! I figured this song is about a young man wanted to live a little and have fun but really loves this girl and he will return when he matures and is ready..and he's just saying to her not to worry about it...it'll happen :)Maddy - Boston, Ma
This is so dang catchy! "WHEN I COME AROUND!!!"Megan - Stevenson, Al
Sometimes I listen to this when I'm feeling crummy and then I don't feel all too bad anymore afterward. It's strangely uplifting, in a way.

A ballad you can mosh to?? Hahahahahaha :D
Phoebe - Belchertown, Ma
this song is about how a girl really needs a guy but he just comes around when he feels like it. its about a girl who needs this guy and he doesnt come to her but he will "when he comes around".Dustin - New York, Ny
first off the song is:
F#, C#, D#, B (verse)
and G# and B (chorus)
you dont have to tune down. play it standard if ur lazy like me.
solo is
F# C# F# C# G# C# G# C# F# C# F# G# F# F# F# F# G# F# F# F# F# G# F# F# F# D# single notes played around the second and fourth frets of the 1st and 2nd strings (e and B)

second of all...
THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG!!!!!11 play count's about 300 on my year old iPod :p
so far, this is the only real song my little band and i can play. (we're working on it! we're just kids) but we love it. this is some of BJ's best vocals and Tre's drumming is wickedly awesome and can you believe the bass riffs? crazy!
to say i love this song is an understatement. it is gorgeous.
thanks for your time and please excuse my long rant! peace & love, brothers and sisters! <3
Sara - Austin, Tx
I think this song is about two people trying work out a relationship that will never be full-filled.
I also think this is the best song on "Dookie"
Tom - Mead County, Ky
i love this song yeah i agree with maria in l.a, i love all green day songs new or older, all of it rox.<3GrEEn_DaY<3!!!!!!!Tiffany - Oakland, Ca
this song always helps me cool down after i have a fight with my mom i just walk out and play this song on my head phonesDave - West Chester, Pa
Cool song! I remember when it first came out. That's strange because I was born in 1988, and was around 5 years old then.Stefanie - Rock Hill, Sc
Why call her a dumbass when she was just asking a question?Luke - Manchester, England
closing time isnt by green day you dumbass, its by semisonicKyle - Somerville, Ma
I love this song! Green day is my favorite bandRebka - Crapville, Wy
I was wondering if someone could help me out...For Christmas my step dad wants the album by Green Day with the song "Closing Time" I can't find it on any album...Did they put it on an album and which one? Can someone please help?Heather - Springfield, Ma
This is the first song a learned to play on guitar. And it's actually five chords, including the chrous.

And Dookie is nowhere near as good as American Idiot. Sorry. But it's the truth. Dookie is awesome. But American Idiot is way more "awesomer".
Daivd - Aberdeen, Nc
I think that this is one of Green Day's best songs. I agree thT Dookie is definitly their best album. Their old stuff is a lot better than Amercan Idiot.Jill - Jtown, Pa
5 chords: (all 1/2 step down) g, d, e, c, and a. Boo-ya~Arlo - Franklin, Ky
this song is about the rat, coming around and getting back with berry.Grunge=dead - Nowhereville, Ca
i love this song so much......it has helped me out in my relationships....i would have to say this is one of my all time favorites!!!
Kimberly - Kettering, Oh
whoever you are, hannah from peterborough, england, i totally agree.Sara - Madison, Wi
actually...at woodstock '94, mike wasnt the one who got slammed, it was BILLIE JOE. I heard/saw it on VH1 Driven.Bambi - Indianapolis, In
I've loved this song ever since I was really little, about 2 years old. I used to sing along to it and spin arooound and aroooound. When I Come Around is still my favourite song, although I don't spin around anymore :P
Green Day Rocks <3
Rachel - Windsor, Canada
its actully four chords this song is awsomeMarek - Colling Wood, Canada
I can play this song, It only has 5 chords... but its still awesome. Definately better than anything on American Idiot.Marvin - Trenton, Nj
i do admit it the old albums were different than american idiot but come on if ya love the band love it allMaria - Los Angeles, Ca
This song is too slow to mosh to - Try Exodus or Sacred ReichLuke - Manchester, England
Another good song from Green Day ;-)Dave - London, England
Dookie is so much better than American Idiot. Classic Green Day.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
a really good song, i think its one of their bestCb - Cincinnati, Oh
I heard that this song was almost completely ripped off of a band called Goober Patrol. Any validity to this?Kieran - D.c., Va
I think it's very good, Kerrang described it once as "A ballad you can mosh to" which sums it up extremely well. I tihnk that song is a good guideline for life, my favourite lyrics from it are:

"You may find out that you're self-doubt means nothing was ever there
You can't go forcing something if it just ain't right"

It is very philsophical and a high point in Green Day's career, possibly one of my favourite Green Day songs.
Mairi - Glasgow, Scotland
i like this song it cant really "connect" to it but it still Rocks!Madison - Somewhere
i love this song. it really rocks!Hannah - Peterborough, England
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