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The Notorious B.I.G.

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P. Diddy (known as Puff Daddy at the time) produced this and sampled the music from Herb Alpert's 1979 hit "Rise," which was written by Andy Armer and Herb's nephew, Randy Badazz Alpert. Says Randy: "I asked Puffy, in 1996 when he first called me concerning using 'Rise' for 'Hypnotize,' why he chose the 'Rise' groove. He told me that in the summer of 1979 when he was I think 10 years old the song was a huge hit everywhere in New York and 'Rise' along with Chic's 'Good Times' were 'The Songs' that all the kids were dancing and roller skating to that summer. He had always remembered that summer and that song. When he first played the loop for Biggie, Biggie smiled and hugged him."
Randy Badazz Alpert: "Over the years I was approached by Ice Cube, Easy E, Vanilla Ice, and maybe another 4-5 artists to use the song and I never said yes until I heard a rough version of Biggie's recording. I was sent a cassette from Puffy and when I cranked it up I not only immediately loved it but my gut thought that this could be a #1 record once again. The original 'Rise' record climbed the chart all summer and became #1 around the end of October. Biggie's version was released and charted its first week at #2 and went to #1 the second week."
Biggie Smalls wrote the entire rap, including the female vocals. Says Alpert: "When I first met Biggie before they recorded Hypnotize he played me a demo version with him doing the girl's part. I still have that cassette demo and it's definitely a classic piece of rap history." (thanks to Randy for the info)
Pam Long from the group Total sang the hook.
Part of Slick Rick's song "La Di Da Di" was sampled for the chorus.
This was released shortly before Biggie Smalls was shot to death on March 9, 1997. It hit #1 7 weeks after his death.
The Notorious B.I.G.
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Comments (9):

stait up this is one of the realist nigga from brooklyn no doubt bout that..
dont care no one says..
still to this day he will the greatest..
and i got love fo the west coast too ..
- demo, san anton Tx, TX
This song was NOT produced by P. Diddy. It was produced by Derec Angelettie.
- Tom, St Catharines, Canada
Wallace made his songs around sampling, yet he changed so much about the song he could make it his own. Yet he never tarnished the original song, as i've listened to the many songs from which he sampled he almost makes it as good as the original.
- nathan, from the country of, Canada
biggie - greatest rapper ever... but i prefer listening to alperts "rise" to hypnotize... and isley bros. "between the sheets" as opposed to "big poppa".. u can't beat the originals! one
- nick, nyc, NY
My girlfriend and me we love this song !!! Check Lady Saw's "No Long Talking" remix using this riddim.
- Flo, Toulouse, France
"La Di Da Di" was not, obviously, "sampled" for the chorus. The original recording was not used.
- Jason, Boulder, CO
Arguably Biggy's best, and a testimony to his inventiveness and ability to make any sample work for him. The chorus is a direct steal from Slick Rick but it sounds like his own work.
- Paul, London, England
it's in 10 Things I Hate ABout You at the house party when Kat starts to dance on the table
- Breige, Co.Clare, Ireland
This is one of the best rap songs. I always said that rap died when Biggie died. That doesn't mean he was the only good rapper, but by that time, he was gone, Tupac was gone, Dre had already released The Chronic, and rap was beginning to descend into what it is today...absolute garbage. If you compare this song to, say, Candy Shop by 50 Cent, it is really no comparison.
- Matt, Millbrae, CA
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