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Last Cup Of Sorrow by Faith No More

Album: Album Of The YearReleased: 1997Charted:
  • The overall theme is to let go of conflicts or problems of the past and just "Get on your way." It could also imply that hanging on to your past sorrows like divorce, breakups, materialism, and unrealized goals can eventually leave you in a crippled state of confusion later in life; hence the verse, "Everything you know and never knew... will run through your fingers just like sand." Finishing your "last" cup of sorrow is a way of moving into the future and leaving your problems where they should be - in the past.
  • The video, in many ways, is very different from the song's contents. Directed by Joseph Kahn, it features lead singer Mike Patton dressed as a private investigator who's hired to shadow a beautiful blonde played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. The video is based on the Alfred Hitchcock movie Vertigo, and features a scene in which Leigh's character has the bejesus scared out of her upon seeing the band's drummer coming into the bell tower of a cathedral. In the movie, the original character sees the silhouette of a nun in the bell tower, mistakenly taking it for a ghost or apparition, and jumps to her death. >>
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    Dylan - Meridian, NE, for above 2
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the "cup of sorrows" is a tarot cardJake - Sydney, Australia
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