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Paradise by Dr. Feelgood

Album: Sneakin' SuspicionReleased: 1977
  • This is Wilko Johnson's rocking ode to his wife Irene. He nevertheless also acknowledges the mistress he kept in London.

    I love two girls
    I ain't ashamed

    Johnson's bandmates accused him of writing an ego trip. "It's not," he told Q magazine, "it's the story of my life."
  • Asked how Irene felt about singing about cheating on her, Johnson replied. "Irene always knew my girlfriends and they knew Irene, but the thing is she was the boss, right. I didn't need to explain to no one. Ultimately, it's hypocritical in a way cos I'm a jealous so-and-so. But there wasn't any question of me running off..." His voice crumbled to a croak. "Irene was my girl."
  • Johnson has since rewritten the last verse to include Irene's death and his grief. "My tears are falling. I ain't ashamed."
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