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Unbreakable by Of Mice & Men

Album: DefyReleased: 2017
  • This was the first song to be released by Of Mice and Men, following the departure of frontman Austin Carlile. Bassist Aaron Pauley, who has taken up the reins as the group's new lead vocalist, told Billboard magazine:

    "We just really wanted to write something that was fun and exciting and true to our sound. But then at the same time, we have a lot of festivals coming up this summer so we wanted it to be a festival song, y'know? We really focused in on all the elements of our past releases that excited us and excited our fans so I think for us, this song is built around the excitement factor rather than "is this moving the needle?"
  • Austin Carlile left Of Mice & Men in 2016 due to his continued battle with Marfan Syndrome. He gave his former bandmates the thumbs up: "Great job on new song guys, taking it back to sounding like the kings of screamo & metalcore again!!!"
  • Aaron Pauley told Kerrang the story behind the song:

    "This is the first song we wrote for the album, and we literally wrote it because we had festival schedule. This was back in April, and we wanted something new that we could play for her fans. There wasn't much thought beyond just wanting the kind of song that we wanted to play live. The ethos of his band has always been to write honest songs about our lives and experiences that can encourage ourselves and other people. That song was very much a reaffirmation of the band, and a call to arms."
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