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Mellow Mama Blues by Dinah Washington

Album: Mellow MamaReleased: 1945
  • Also known as "Mellow Man Blues," this was the breakthrough song for (at that time) the rarest of rare birds, a black female songwriter. Jessie Mae Robinson was born Jessie Mae Booker at Call, Texas in October 1918. Although she had been writing songs from her teens, "Mellow Man Blues" was recorded by Dinah Washington in 1945. Both women went on to greater success, but they both had relatively short lives. Dinah died in December 1963 from a drug overdose aged only 39. Jessie May (who wrote professionally as J.M. Robinson) died aged 48 but her songs were recorded widely, including by Elvis Presley. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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