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Wacky Tobaccy by Toby Keith

Album: The Bus SongsReleased: 2017
  • Toby Keith wrote this song with longtime collaborator Scotty Emerick. And, yep, as the title implies the song is an ode to marijuana.

    "Wacky Tobaccy is a slogan, a saying, that's been around forever, and no one has ever put it in a song," Keith noted. "When we were working on [this song], somebody asked if the saying has ever been written in a song, and I said, 'No, but they will now.'"

    Keith went on to say the song, "is written to the screws, and it fits in with what we do every night with the party crowd."
  • The humorous video was shot in Nashville and features Keith on the bus with his band jamming to the song, There is a cameo from none other than Willie Nelson - country music's patron saint of weed users.
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