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Paranormal by Alice Cooper

Album: ParanormalReleased: 2017
  • The title track of Alice Cooper's 27th album, the prog-flavored tune tells the story about a girl and her best ghoul friend.
  • The Paranormal album features Larry Mullen Jr. as guest drummer, who plays on every track apart from "Rats." It was producer Bob Ezrin who was responsible for getting the U2 stickman involved in the sessions. Cooper recalled on the May 5 episode of the SiriusXM radio show Trunk Nation:

    "Bob Ezrin and I sat there, and Bob says, 'What do you think about Larry Mullen on drums?' And I went, 'That's a great idea. It'll change things up so much on just the basic tracks.'"
  • Larry Mullen Jr was the first drummer that Cooper had ever worked with who wanted to know about the lyrical content. Alice recalled to Billboard magazine:

    "Larry [said], 'I wanna see the lyrics.' I said, 'Really?' He [said], 'Yeah, I play to the lyrics. I don't play to the bass.' And I said, 'That is so cool - just the idea that you're interpreting the lyrics on the drums.' So that totally makes the album another album."
  • Larry Mullen isn't the only guest musician on this track. Deep Purple's Roger Glover played bass and co-wrote the tune.
  • With regards to the "Paranormal" album title, Cooper explained: "I love that title, 'Paranormal', but it's not really a scary record. There's a couple of scary songs on it, but [it is] 'paranormal,' meaning 'other than normal.' This is not a normal Alice record. Bob and I decided, 'No theme this time. We're gonna make a record of things that just get us off, songs that we like. And it might go in a lot of different directions, but these are just songs that get us off."
  • Paranormal is a concept album but Alice didn't originally set out to record a themed LP. "[My collaborators and I] wrote 13 really great songs, and then, listening back to them, I realized that I had accidentally written a concept album," the shock rocker admitted to ABC Radio with a laugh, "because it was about 13 people that had paranormal problems, or some sort of abnormality to their brains."
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