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Happenings Ten Years Time Ago by The Yardbirds

Album: Over Under Sideways DownReleased: 1966Charted:
  • This is a very psychedelic song, with the singer looking back on events in the past and wondering if they were real. In our interview with Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty, he explained: "On 'Happenings Ten Years Time Ago,' Keith (Relf) and I were trying to write a song about reincarnation. We'd seen everything before, and it was all happening again. That was quite an interesting viewpoint, really. Meeting people along our way that we'd seen from another day. Sort of bringing in that situation that we'd been there before."
  • During the 5-year life span of The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page were all members. There was some overlap between Beck and Page, and this is one of the few songs they both played on.
  • John Paul Jones played bass on this song. Jones also played bass on the Yardbirds tracks "No Excess Baggage" and "Goodnight Sweet Josephine." After The Yardbirds broke up, Page and Jones added Robert Plant and John Bonham for a Scandinavian tour as "The New Yardbirds." By October 1968, they began played under a new name: Led Zeppelin.
  • In 2003, a re-formed Yardbirds released this song on their 2003 album Birdland, which features guest appearances by Brian May, Slash, Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Steve Vai and Jeff Beck. This was one of eight original Yardbirds songs on the album, and it features Lukather on guitar.

    Yardbirds bass player Chris Dreja said on their website: "It's psychedelic disco for me, this song. 'Happenings' is a bit like a miniature rock opera. You get that great riff, explosions, the Cockney voice, all sorts of little influences. It's immensely powerful as well. We dropped a voice in there like the original, which says, 'Pop group, are you? You should get your haircut.' I really wish now we'd put in, 'pop group, are you? It's about time you got a day job.' I thought it would've been much funnier." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • "Over Under Sideways Down" was the title of the album in the United States. Elsewhere, it was released as "The Yardbirds," but in 1983 the album was re-issued under the title "Roger The Engineer," a reference to their engineer Roger Cameron.
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Comments: 7

Jimmy's concept for the band included a mix of acoustic and electric instruments... the famous "hard/soft" concept. He was influenced by acts like Fairport Convention (Richard Thompson's brilliant outfit), and Iron Butterfly. Get it? Iron - Lead. Butterfly - Zeppelin. The Moon story has not, to my knowledgge, been verified, but Jimmy talked about the hard/soft concept a lot.Johann - Cucamonga, Ca
The name "Led Zeppelin" came from that "bad idea" and was originally "Lead Zeppelin" but Jimmy Page feared that "those damn Americans" would mispronounce it.Matt - San Antonio, Tx
Keith Moon actually said the idea would go over like a lead balloon and then said that it would be even worse. It would go over like a lead zeppelin. Also, Don is correct that they played a few shows as the New Yardbirds.David - Youngstown, Oh
Led Zeppelin actually played their first two or three shows as The New Yardbirds.Don - Rapid City, Sd
Beck also teamed with Page and Keith Moon on "Beck's Bolero," the only time those three ever recorded together.Gary - Seattle, Wa
I love this song, but the lyrics are terrible... I think I'll go on and submit them for anyone who caresKendall - Thomasville, Ga
page was going to call the band the new yardbirds but then changed it to the name led zeppelin after a comment made by drummer for the who, keith moon about the band sinking like a led ballonDustin - My Home, In
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