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Wishing Well by Free

Album: HeartbreakerReleased: 1973Charted:
  • Many have interpreted such lyrics as "Throw down your gun you might shoot yourself, or is that what you're trying to do," to be aimed at the band's guitarist Paul Kossoff, who had developed a serious drug habit. However vocalist and lyricist Paul Rodgers denied this was the case. He told Uncut magazine: "It's just a song that I wrote about an imaginary person."

    Paul Rodgers later admitted to the same publication: "I wrote 'Wishing Well' as a fun tune to play live, but unconsciously it may have been about people I knew."

    Kossoff died from a heart attack on March 19, 1976 on a Los Angeles to New York flight.
  • Excluding the 1991 remix of "All Right Now," this was the last of Free's three UK Top 10 hits.
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Comments: 12

Great song...Lb101st - Yakima, Wa.
Free was the archetypal seventies rock band and Paul Rogers remains the ultimate blues/rock singer. I think most Free fans would regard Wishing Well as the band's best song, and deserving of a place at the high table of rock classics along with the likes of Layla and the other classic, though chanty, Free song, All Right Now, which isn't nearly as good as this.John - London, United Kingdom
This song really rocks. Paul Rodgers is an excellent vocalist, just like Jim Morrison of The Doors and Jackson Browne. I believe that if "Wishing Well" was played more on the classic rock stations, it might become a staple song. I don't think that too many classic rockers have ever heard this song. The southern rock band Blackfoot also covered this song in the late 70s.Roland - Phoenix, Az
My favourite Free song. I would say there is a plea to go easy on the drugs (having your feet in the wishing well is OK, but one slip and you will be in over your head?). But the sympathy is evident in the "I know what your're wishing for - Love and a peaceful world". Must be dreadful to watch a friend destroying themselves, and feeling unable to do much to help.
The song remains as a tribute to a great rocker and his tragic end.
Andy - Halesowen, West Midlands, United Kingdom
"Ane the only time that you're satisfied is with your feet... in the wishing... WEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!"
Yeah, this song rocks!!!
Matthew - Milford, Ma
Yeah, this is one of my all-time faves...Matthew - Milford, Ma
Queen + Paul Rodgers covered this during their 2006 tour; it appears on the Return of the Champions CD set and DVD.Joshua - La Crosse, Wi
I think the song is more about letting someone know that its not fair to keep saying goodbye and upsetting people and then not chasing your dream. Its a case of either go for it or dont, dont just talk.Phil - Southampton, England
The credits on the album Heartbreaker (of which this is the opener) don't credit Paul Kossoff as playing on this track, even though the liner notes and drummer Simon Kirke swear blindly that he did. If you ask me, the solo is all Koss!Sam - Shanghai, China
Awesome, spine-tingling track. I've always believed it to mean the only time the subject of the song (Paul Kossoff ???) is happy/content is when they are dreaming or thinking about it. Shaun, London.Shaun - London
the only time he was happy was when he was doped, or with one foot in the wishing well.Keewa - Fairbanks, Al
Absolutely awesome song. I'd love to know what the repeated lines "The only time that you're satisfied is with your feet in the wishing well" Doesn't really seem that the drug thing makes that much sense...Kenny - Bournemouth, England
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