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High School U.S.A. by Tommy Facenda

Album: High School U.S.A.Released: 1959Charted:
  • This was written by a Norfolk, Virginia record store owner named Frank Guida.
  • The original song mentioned high schools in Virginia. To give the song local appeal, Atlantic Records released at least 28 other versions that were customized to various cities, so a radio station in California could play a version with California schools mentioned in the lyrics, and a station in Florida could play a version with Florida schools. Huey Lewis & the News did something similar with their song "The Heart Of Rock And Roll." Also, "Drive-In Romance," written and recorded by Jimmie R. Vestal, has 65 versions, each mentioning the name of a different Drive-In Theater. >>
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    Jimmie - Pinellas Park, FL, for above 2
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Comments: 1

How can we hear the version he wrote for the Hampton Roads area Schools....Maury, Granby Newports News, Oscar Smith etc. my Mom had this but I can't find this version anywhere...would love to post it on an alumni page of a local high school. ThanksSusan - Portsmouth, Va
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