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Where Is My Mind? by Pixies

Album: Surfer RosaReleased: 1988
  • Frank Black (from Select, October 1997): "That came from me snorkeling in the Caribbean and having this very small fish trying to chase me. I don't know why - I don't know too much about fish behavior."
  • This appeared in the last scene of the 1999 movie fight club.
  • Nada Surf covered this for the 1999 album Where Is My Mind? A Tribute To The Pixies. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Rachel - London, England, for all above
  • The Toadies covered this on their 2004 album Best Of Toadies: Live From Paradise. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Scott - West Palm Beach, FL
  • Producer Steve Albini used some unusual recording techniques on Surfer Rosa as he was desperate to avoid "the studio sound." For instance he moved all the studio equipment to its bathroom in the hope of achieving a real rather than studio echo on bassist Kim Deal's backing vocals for this and her lead vocals on Gigantic. Albini later admitted that the record could have been completed in a week were if not for the time wasted experimenting on projects like this.
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Comments: 36

I love how this song is used at the end of Fight Club - so fitting and such a great song for such a great movie.Jon - Enumclaw , Wa
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Try this trick and spin it YEAH.....
Rick - Outthere, Co
soooooooo, feet in the air head on the ground ( All Turned Around )

the lyrics: he swears
Tryin' to talk to me, coy koi. ( All Turned Around } - I swear he ( the little fish ) was trying to talk to me.
Rick - Outthere, Co
i was swimmin' in the Carribean ( Rich People Go There )
animals were hiding behind the rocks ( Materialistic People Hiding Behind Their Wealth )
except for the little fish ( Every Day People )
Rick - Outthere, Co
i am surprised the space station NASA used this Pixies classic to wake up their system. i was delighted when i heard that, well, let alone if NASA came over to Ingatestone, they be playing 'Wave Of Mutilation' through the speakers
Surfer Rosa! what an album. even though i have to wait until Christmas 2012 to get it
Karl - Ingatestone, United Kingdom
this song is better every time I listen to it....which must be over 1000 times since the early 90s.Jeff - Austin, Tx
go to iTunes. there are dozens of covers, more than just placebo and toadies and whoever. none, of course, are nearly as good ad the original.Hunter - Flint, Mi
Im sure all them covers are great, but for a song so bizzare"most of the pixies songs" Its blasphemy to concider a cover better. original song writer + very innovative recording leads to a true masterpeice.Jonas - Nashport, Oh
Frank Black, from the band, lives in Eugene Oregon, as I do. I heard in a guitar shop that he might live in a nearby neighborhood from where I live (the clerk was apparently lived somewhere near me).
A guy who they toured with (somewhat recently) once served me a burger at McMennimens. It was very awesome.
Gottfried - Cocks, Azerbaijan
Sometimes songs are so open to interpretation that many things can make sense. Frank Black said it was about snorkeling in the carribean, but I don't think that's how David Fincher felt about it. This song playing in the final scene of fight club is probably one of the most perfect moments in movie history, "where is my mind" can be seen as a perfect metaphor for being lost in a lifestyle of consumerism and empty goals, an ocean of useless things... "way out in the water see it swimming..." That's my interpretation, and that'S what's great about music.Nicolas - Montreal, Qc
This song was also covered by M.I.A. in her song 20 dolla. Check it out.Josh - Flint, Mi
The james blunt cover of this is terrible =[
Daaron Malakian of system of a down also did a rare cover of this, it was very good. ^.^
Cody - Grafton, Oh
"Can anyone tell the placebo/pixies versions of this song apart?"

The answer is simple Linus; the placebo cover is much clearer, that is you can actually hear the words pronounced. Also, the placebo cover leaves out some parts as well as the wooooo thing just doesn't fit
Stephen - Baltimore, Md
Actually the the lyric is "coy koi", it tripped me up for a while till I was watching Fight Club with captions, luckily they had captions for the song as well.
My personal interpretation of the song is this: The singer has gone insane and is describing a trip to the carribean.
Stephen - Baltimore, Md
oh, um, Seth depending on the situation it's perfectly fine to refer to (here i go again) the pixies as just that. unless i was "going to get pixies tickets". why don't you be "smart or something" before you try to school us.Bobby - Boston, Ma
"koi koi"? break-dancing?Bobby - Boston, Ma
James Blunt version is NOT good at all.Lexi - Lansing, Ks
the "talk to me koi koi" is refered to a type of carp,a fish, that in japanese is called koi.
"so many useless facts...until now!!"
Garoud - Arica, Chile
and it's not about break dancingEcho - Normalville, Ma
very beautiful, very eery song.Echo - Normalville, Ma
So the best part of this whole song is when he say :"talk to me koy koy"....nobody ever notices how funny that isKara - Louisville, Ky
James blunt also did a cover.
p.s FIGHTCLUB!!!<3
Ema - Darwin, Australia
This song has been mashed together with Bob Dylan's "Blowin in the Wind" It's pretty good so you all should check it out. The song is called "Blowin' in My Mind"Albert - North Hollywood, Ca
Can anyone tell the placebo/pixies versions of this song apart?Linus - Hamilton, On, Canada
Great song to listen to when you're stoned.Ej - New York City, Nc
this song never gets old...Sarah - Greensboro, Nc
for future reference, let it be known to everyone that the band is Pixes, just Pixies, not "The Pixies." Not that it really matters, but just a tid bit of information so you can look smart, or something.Seth - Simpsonville, Sc
yeah, craig, you might wanna let your music comments go unsaid from now on....
anyway, great song, perfect placement in Fight Club
Noah - Sherborn, Ma
The song is obviously about a man who breaks his scull trying to do weightless stuff on dry land. Why does he try it? Because his brain is out swimming and thinks the body is in the same element...Robert - Bergen, Norway
Hearing them play this as the encore of their Lollapalooza set (2005) was a definite all-time highlight. Kim Deal's voice is still angelic yet creepy, and toward the end the crowd was singing the weird background line along with her. Chills!John - Brighton, Mi
placebo did cover this song. it's been officially released in 2003 on the special edition of their 4th album 'sleeping with ghosts'

in 2003 frank black joined placebo on stage for their first live dvd 'sleeping with ghosts - live in paris'.

placebo watched the pixies perform this song at the hurricane festival 2004 and sung along 'the wohoooo' with their own fans, which had placed themselves infront of the stage to see placebo perform as friday's co-headliner.
Anne - London, England
Yeah, wow... breakdancing indeed. This song is just awesome. The riff is just so strange and all blended together. Awesome.Ben - Punxsutawney, Pa
Craig...next time you have a thought, just let it go.Leon - Waterbury, Ct
The beginning of the song is about break-dancing.Craig - Beverly Hills, Ma
The Toadies also covered it, not a bad rendition considering the only recording is live one.Jason - Everywhere, United States
No comments on this one? I love this song! The Nada Surf version was not nearly as good at the Pixies. The Pixies rock.Maddie - Knoxville, Tn
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