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Beyond The Pain Barrier by Thor

Album: Beyond The Pain BarrierReleased: 2017
  • The title track is Track 3 on the 2017 album. As Jon Mikl Thor started out as a bodybuilder, one might expect this to be autobiographical in some way, i.e. "No pain, no gain," but as he explained in an August 2017 on-line interview, it actually relates to the 2015 concept album Metal Avenger which features the evil ruler Psykon:

    "Beyond the Pain Barrier is the sequel to Metal Avenger. It continues the story. It takes the listener on an epic journey beyond the world of Psykon into the Pain Barrier and Beyond. The Pain Barrier is another dimension similar to Ragnarock of Norse legend and Armageddon. Beyond the last battle between good and evil. But to relate the meaning more down to earth, everyone in everyday life has barriers they must surpass just to survive or move forward to a greater level. Many are painful."

    Running to 3 minutes 37 seconds, "Beyond The Pain Barrier" was composed by Jon Mikl Thor and John Leibel with lyrics by Thor. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England
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