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Murrow Turning Over In His Grave


Fleetwood Mac

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Edward R. Murrow was a legendary CBS news broadcaster who was the first to appear on a television newscast (the show was called See It Now). He represents the standard for integrity in broadcast journalism, so when a network does something unethical, incompetent or stupid relating to it's news division, it is often met with commentary that "Edward R. Murrow is turning over in his grave." As news divisions at major networks suffered budget cuts in favor of entertainment, Murrow has turned over quite often: a producer at CBS was fired when he interrupted the show CSI: New York with news that Yasser Arafat died, the show 60 Minutes relied on fake documents to report on president Bush's National Guard duty, and some stations aired promotional material supplied by the Bush administration as actual news. Of course, Murrow cannot literally turn over in his grave - he was cremated.
Fleetwood Mac
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Comments (4):

Thats because many of the songs on SYW were intended for Lindseys solo album that never came out called Gift of Screws.
I think Stevie needs to get over it! lol
Ive read that she said that she liked sucks when people do that stuff.

I wondered who ed murrow was LOL
- Christine, Worcester, MA
strange song...nice christine mcvie sang back vocals on it.
- Sara MacKenzie, Middle of Nowhere, FL
Stevie Nicks saw the song as just another Tusk sounding song and felt that Lindsey was trying to recreate Tusk. She refused to sing backing vocals on the song so Lindsey asked Christine McVie who agreed. Stevie wanted it to be one of the last on tracks the album but John and Mick disagreed and her comments were ignored.
- Chris, Leeds, England
Christine McVie, who left the band before the making of Say You Will, plays the keyboards and does backup vocals for this song. She also does vocals on 'Steal Your Heart Away' and 'Bleed To Love Her.'
- Chris, Downers Grove, IL
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