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Texas by Chris Rea

Album: The Road To HellReleased: 1989Charted:
  • In this song, the English bloke who is the central character in Rea's Road To Hell album is thinking about Texas, and how wonderful it would be to life there, away from crowds and traffic. In Chris Rea's view, this guy's rose-colored view of Texas is misguided. "He's going for that big Western apple in the sky," he said in the book Classic Albums. "He's thinking it should be like Texas, and he's thinking of large, cheap steaks, every woman is 6' 4" and has massive legs and looks like Jerry Hall, there's no trouble because they say there's no trouble. But really, if you've been there, it's even three times more violent. And it is, it's poison on top of poison."
  • The mellow soundscape is driven by a Fender Rhodes piano to evoke the thoughts of the main character, who is lulled into thinking of Texas as a panacea.
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