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Hey Sandy by Polaris

Album: Music From The Adventures Of Pete And PeteReleased: 2004
  • This is the opening theme to the Nickelodeon show The Adventures Of Pete And Pete.
  • This is based on a 1972 song of the same name by Harvey Andrews. Andrews' song is about Sandy Scheuer, a student at Kent State University who shot dead by the US National Guard during a protest on May 4, 1970.
  • The lyrics are hard to understand and remain a mystery, especially the third line. One theory of what that line says is, "Can You Settle to Shoot Me," as this would fit with the subject of the song and the next line - "Or have you picked your target yet." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Andrew - Springfield, MO, for all above
  • On the Adventures Of Pete And Pete Season Set DVDs released in 2005, during the opening credits sequence for which this song is the theme, the closed captions say "Can you settle to shoot me?" on the third line, giving reason to believe that it is the actual line. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Caleb - Rocky Mount, NC
  • Danny Tamberelli, one of the title stars of Pete and Pete, confirmed in a 2012 interview on Reddit that the song's ambiguous third line is actually "Can you settle a sure bet." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alex - New Orleans, LA
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Comments: 5

@Mjn Seifer it's not a bloody conspiracy! The Album "Music From The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" by Polaris was released in 2004. No one is claiming that the show came out in 2004 but this album WAS released in 2004.Neil Rhodes - Destination Unknown
First of all, Pete and Pete always featured this song seeing as how it was the theme song for the show. Secondly, the show didn't air when Nickelodeaon when the channel first started. It came on air in 1993 and Nick started in 1977 i believe.Chris - Fort Smith, Ar
It's NOT 2004!!! it's far Early then that.

Pete and Pete (Which sometimes fetures this song) was on a: when I was very young and i'm 19 now and b: When Nickolodian (sp?) had just started! So it is NOT 2004 and so tired of this conspiracy!!!!
Mjn Seifer - Not Listed For Personal Reason, England
This is in my opinion THE BEST SONG I've ever listened to. It reminded me of my early childhood, and though the song might not be the best musically, it brings a lot of memories to those who watched one of the best TV series EVER.Levi - El Paso, Tx
I know another Harvey Andrews song about that -

The sun was hot, the air heavy, and the marching men came by
You stood at door, you watched them pass, you asked no reason why
The sound of steel of their jackboot heel came pound through your head
Your reason's past, they've came at last, with the blessings of the dead

Hey Sandy, hey Sandy why are you the one
All the years of growing up are wasted now and gone
Did you see them turn did you feel the burn of the bullets as they flew
Hey Sandy, hey Sandy just what did you do

At the college square, they were standing there, with the flag and with the gun
And the whispered words as the ones young stirred, saying, 'Why are you the one?'
And the air was still with lonely thrill of now the hour is near
And the smell of sweat was better yet, than the awful smell of fear


The awful shout, as you all ran out, saying, why are these things done?'
And you stood and stared, yet no one cared for another campus bum
Your songs are dead and your instead are to the funeral pyre
And the words of youth, like love and truth, are just ashes on the fire


Did you throw no stone, at the men alone, with their bayonets fixed for hire?
Did you think that they would kill no one, did you scream as they opened fire
And the square ran red, with your blood stains spread, and the darkness round you grew
Did you feel the pain, did you call the name of the man you never knew

Becky - Gloucester, England
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