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Under My Umbrella by Incubus

Album: Morning ViewReleased: 2001
  • This song tells you to be your own person. You decide what you believe, what you see, who you are, etc. People who force their beliefs on you are nothing more than rain coming down on your umbrella. If what someone else believes is considered right (and you disagree), then you would rather be wrong. If what they see is considered sight, you would rather be blind.
  • There is a lick from Björk's "Possibly Maybe" in the song at a slower tempo. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 2
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Comments: 7

Incubus is a-freaking-mazing. And so is this song!Tess - Milledgeville, Ga
Yet another great song..INCUBUS IS THE GREATESTNate - Aurora, Il
I loved that entire album. Best $11 I have ever spent.Laryn - Hattiesburg, Ms
this is my favorite Incubus song 2 !!
Indeed thay r Bad ass !
Magnus - Dunfermline, Scotland
I would have to say that this is my personal fovorite InCuBuS song. They are bad ass!Jack - Oklahoma City, Ok
This is my favorite song by them period. The encore they performed of this during the 2004 tour was phenomenonal, download it off incubusonline.com.Holly - Powhatan, Va
This is my favorite song off of "Morning View."Tim - Pittsburgh, Pa
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