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Unskinny Bop



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According to Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille, the phrase "Unskinny Bop" has no particular meaning. DeVille wrote the music and used the phrase as a placeholder for the lyrics, which lead singer Bret Michaels would write. When their producer Bruce Fairbairn heard the phrase, he thought it was perfect for the song, even though he had no idea what it meant.
Poison formed in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1984 as Paris. They moved to Los Angeles in an ambulance Michaels bought for $700 and begin playing in clubs there. When their guitarist quit, they chose DeVille over Slash and Steve Silva, who also applied. Slash eventually joined Guns N' Roses and Silva was in the The Joe Perry Project. Poison got a record deal in 1986, disbanded in 1994 and re-formed in 1999. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 2)
On the 2002 Poison album Hollyweird, there's a song called "Home (Bret's Story)," where Michaels sings: "I eat dinner with Nick Cage and Charlie Sheen, Nick asks me what the hell 'Unskinny Bop' means, it's slang for CC banging a porno queen." (thanks, Jeff - Milton, Canada)
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Comments (11):

I heard on VH1's behind the music that Bret was an "equal opportunity ..." well can't say it here or it'll get deleted, but you get the drift. Fat ones, skinny ones, it didn't matter. So take that for what it's worth.
- Rob, Duluth, GA
I always figured Unskinny Bop was about a girl who wasn't skinny... I never really read the lyrics but hey, music is art, and all art is open to interpretation, am I right?
- Marissa, Akron, OH
Yeah, DeVille not being able to play the right song at the MTV-awards got him fired. Heavy metal/hard rock/glam rock died that night and the sound from Seattle took over.
- Thomas, Copenhagen, Denmark
This would have to be my favorite poison song ever i love any type of hair metal and this and some of my other favorite songs rank #1 of my favorite hair metal songs
- michelle, Maplewood, MN
Poison never 'broke up' CC Deville was fired due to his alcohol and cocaine problem after he couldnt play the right song at an MTV awards show and return to the band 7 years later. He was replace by 3 different people over those seven years.
- Tyler, Folsom, CA
This song is about C.C. with 2 porn stars in a room with Bret Michaels watching C.C. and the 2 chicks doing the unskinny bop. Bret wrote a song about it. Go watch the video for it.
- bill, Minneapolis, MN
this song gives the real meaning to woman's curves and it doesnt have to make um fat cuz it drives the guys wild
- mandie, Port Royal, PA
This is an amazing song! It's so nasty... like most hair metal. I love it
- Jeri, Edmonton, Canada
The information in the second block above is not accurate. Poison did not break up in 1994 and reform in 1999. To the contrary, Poison recorded an album in 1996 (two years after the above says they broke up) called "Crack a Smile" although it was held from release by Capitol Records until 2000. Two of the songs from Crack a Smile- "Lay Your Body Down" and "Sexual Thing" were released on Poison?s Greatest Hits CD in 1996, which Capitol released instead of the new album.
- Shadow, El Paso, TX
good song. thats it
- Amy, Dallas, TX
According to the booklet in the album, C.C. Brought in a famous Porn Star. C.C. started making licks with her in the room and Bret started singing his lyrics to impress her. Both of them didnt impress her... but it did become a major Poison song!
- Anthony, Morgantown, WV
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