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Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey

Album: FrontiersReleased: 1983Charted:
  • Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain and lead vocalist Steve Perry wrote this on the road during a period when two of the band members were going through painful divorces due to the stresses (and temptations) of life on the road. According to Journey's Time3 compilation, with guitarist Neal Schon and bass player Ross Valory going through painful - and expensive - divorces, Perry and Cain thought there should be some way to dredge something positive out of such circumstances.

    "There's got to be a more soulful way of looking at this," Perry told his collaborator, Cain. The pair worked out the tune in a hotel room using Cain's little Casio keyboard and the entire band worked up the fresh song the next afternoon at soundcheck, inserting the party-finished song into the program that night.

    "I think he mumbled his way through half the lyrics," said Cain, "but the audience just came unglued." The song was sitting in the band's pocket long before the beginning of sessions for the next album. Released as the first single off Frontiers, it zoomed up the charts to #8 in March 1983.
  • This was used in the TV show The O.C. in Season 1 Episode 21 when Seth and Ryan are on their way to the airport. >>
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    Anthony - Hermosa Beach, CA
  • When MTV launched in 1981, the race was on to come up with unusual concepts for music videos. Journey staked their claim with the first ever "air band" video. That's right, the group played pretend instruments for much of the clip.

    Shot on a wharf in New Orleans, it was directed by Tom Buchholtz, who like many music video directors of the time, came from the world of directing commercials.

    Journey were dragged kicking and screaming into the video era. They knew MTV exposure was crucial for sales, but hated making the videos and left the concepts up to the directors, which is how they ended up on a wharf playing pretend instruments.

    In the book I Want My MTV by Craig Marks, we learn that lead singer Steve Perry cut his hair shortly before the shoot, and also that there was some drama on the set. Perry brought his girlfriend to the set - the same girl he sings about in "Oh Sherrie" - and she did not want Steve to have another girl playing his love interest in the video. "Sherrie was jealous and possessive," said Jonathan Cain. "There was a big kicking and screaming session. Sherrie was giving Steve a very bad time about that girl."

    Years later, Beavis and Butt-Head gave it a good mocking.
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Comments: 20

First-ever interview with the girl in this video, including what she's doing now (plus never-published set pics): http://noblemania.blogspot.com/2013/07/the-girl-in-video-separate-ways-worlds.html.Marc - -, Md
I saw on another board about the gif of the opening air band part and searched for years who (At the time, I didn't know who anyone for Journey looked like, I'm a teen) so I saw the video and found out it was this song, I was shocked. I can't believe a song this epic was done so bad in a music video).Nick - Ludlow, Ma
This is one for the mp3, morning workout/run! Love it!Erica - Pensacola, Fl
If your heart doesn't race when you hear this song you are dead inside.Jeff - Boston, Ma
I agree the Frontiers album overall was bad, but this is a phenomenal song. If you can't relate to what this song is about, someday you will.Jeff - Boston, Ma
Whenever this song comes on the radio, my brother punches my arm in rhythm with the guitar riff. Good times!Josep - Dubrovnik, Croatia
I have to agree with most here...horrible video, but easily one of my favorite Journey songs (right up there with "Lovin', Touchin' Squeezin'"). This is one of those, "put the car windows UP, turn the volume UP, and sing along as loud as you can!"Karen - Manchester, Nh
It was a pretty dumb music video, but I love the song!!!
-Steve Perry ROCKS!!!
Jones - San Antonio, Tx
what makes the song great is the keyboard riffChris - Meriden, Ct
Holy crud, I laughed so hard I cried when I saw the video! But the song is... Epic. My band is working on a cover.Ricky - Bountiful, Ut
One of my favorite Breakup songs!!!!!!Tony - Chicago, Il
nice synthesizer sound accompanied by neil schon's deadly guitar riffs...Aldrin - Manila, Philippines
I love the song and video! both mother and I love Journey.It hasn't been the same without Steve Perry.Jennifer Harris - Grand Blanc, Mi
This is the song where Journey (my favorite band) officially "jumped the shark" God, Frontiers was so bad........Benny - Chattanooga, Tn
yeah, cheezy video but still great! you gotta love the 80's!Sanafabich - Santiago, Chile
this has got to be one of the cheeziest videos ever made! what was the director thinking

Pete - Toronto, Canada
good song!!!!!!!!!Sara Mackenzie - Middle Of Nowhere, Fl
A long time ago, i was flipping channels in my parents room and on MTV they were showing the video, and little tidbits came up. the director had the band members playing air instruments-air guitar, air keyboards,etc.Michelle - Anaheim, Ca
A good song. The synthesizers really emphasize the theme that the site has posted in my opinion.William - Toronto, Canada
This is one of my favorite journey songs. It's really emotional and the tune is awesome. You can actually feel what the band members are going through. A moving song really, and it's great live. When it's live you feel like you're there.Mercedies - Soldotna, Ak
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