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With Arms Wide Open by Creed

Album: Human ClayReleased: 1999Charted:
  • Lead singer Scott Stapp wrote this song after finding out he was going to be a father. He had a son named Jagger, and later had two more children.

    In our 2013 interview with Stapp, he said of the song: "It continues to have relevant meaning in my life because as I sing it now, I think of my daughter who's now on this planet and alive. And then I think of my newest son, my three-year-old, Daniel. And then I think back to the spirit and the somewhat naiveté, just that brutal honesty that that song expressed as me being a young man and approaching fatherhood for the first time.

    Now I'm a full-fledged father with a 14-year-old, a daughter who's going to be 7 in June and my youngest, who's 3. So those are still my feelings. And as a human being and as a father, my feelings haven't changed one bit from those that are expressed in that song. Every time I sing it, I can connect with it again and again and again because I'm no longer expressing fears in my thoughts about being a father; I'm a full-fledged living-it-every-day father. So it just rings true to me."
  • Once he found out that he was going to have a son, Stapp wrote this song because he didn't want his child facing the same problems he faced while growing up. Stapp was from a very strict, very devout Christian household and he didn't want his son to grow up questioning himself and his faith like Scott did. Stapp told us: "Don't we always want our kids to be better than us? Don't we always want them to have a better experience in this life and this journey than we did? So I think that from my point of view I'm beginning to see why that song struck a chord with multiple generations: because it touches on a feeling and sentiments that are universal for fathers, and for parents in general."
  • The title became the name of a foundation set up by Stapp to help children and families. To launch the With Arms Wide Open Foundation, the band released a limited edition "enhanced-package single" in September 2000, with proceeds going to the charity. The single contained an orchestrated version, a rock version, an acoustic reading, and the music video.
  • This won the 2000 Grammy for Best Rock Song. It was also nominated for Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal.
  • The song inspired a T-shirt sold at The Hard Rock Cafe to benefit the With Arms Wide Open Foundation. The shirt features Stapp holding a child.
  • This was Creed's only #1 hit on the Pop charts, although they had several other #1s on the Mainstream Rock charts.
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Comments: 38

Love this song.Emmy - Bellville, On
This song helped me realize I am ready but at the same time not ready to be a father. It really opened my eyes to the concept.Zack - Noblesville, In
I love his voice! These guys are amazing! Best song Creed ever did! LOVE THE LYRICS!Megan - Stevenson, Al
living with arms wide open and not letting go ..... he hang on there on the broken tree for what life had to show the price of.... what have you gave back to which he could bare on his back walking up the shattered ground...Jokr - New Castle, Pa
well i wasnt going to be a father but basicly was becoming one after my sister passed away when i was 10 and i basicly took over dennis he was 3 and i sill have him to this day hes 12 yrs old now and strong and we stand tall together we love eacher other like hes my own my dad was never around much jsut suported the money for him and i took him shoping and to the store for food and my mom also died in the car accendent with my sister so i was left alone and now moved out of hte house im 18 and we live happlyEric - Yankton, Sd
i almost forgot Ed, pearl jam sucks, just to let you knowNathan Ritz - Marengo , In
i got addicted to this song when my neice was born, Brooklynn, the most beautiful baby girl that i have ever seen, thats no joke, most 2 year olds dont even compare to herNathan Ritz - Marengo , In
i love this song but dude i had not idea it was sbout that!!!and it still rocksAngela - Cartersville, Ga
Look. I am 39 years old. It was about when I was 23 or 24 that I realized that I wanted children and to build a family. I got married when I was 33 yrs old on the intent that I was starting to live my dream. It didnt happen. Now that I have divorced, I hear this song and think of what my emotions would be "if" my dreams had been realized. The point of the song is in awe of God and His ultimate miracle of giving life and our as oerents resposabilty to make these children better than we are. No matter how "good" or "great" we or society and our friends feel we are. We all know our own hidden and secret flaws. This song is about a man telling and feeling the greatest devout Love for another human being, and promising to instruct and lead that child to be a better human than he is.Tom - South Bend, In
Staind did a cover of this song.Austin - Smallsville,new England, --
I love this song. Keep on!!!!!!!!!!!!!Angela - Cartersville, Ga
heyy im about too be a father and imm really exited.. and this song really touched me when i was younger and i know now how important it is. i hope my kid doesnt make the mistakes i did, i lovve this song!Greg - Kalispell, Mt
this song really got out to me because i just hade a little brother who we almost lost during the pregnancy and it was wierd when the second the song was on the radio and finished we got a call from the doctors saying we have him and he will be fine and i just think that was the most amazing thing and that is what makes it my favorite song so thank you for taking comment and that just to let you know it is by far my favorite song ever. And your lyrics really got out to me during my sadness so you still in 2008 are appreciated. so i love creed byeBrody - Buford, Ga
to Ed in IL, it sounds nothing like eddie vedder. Sure, he has a deep voice, but not the unique warbling in Eddie vedder's voice. Scott Stapp's voice is leaner.Michael - Wareham, Ma
This is the only song I know by the band Creed... and it is my favourite and i love the clip and i respect you guys as artist and i would love to see you live:):0Michelle - Sydney, Australia
Nice song, but it's a complete Pearl Jam sound-a-likeEd - Incognito, Il
The studio version sucks, but live performances are awesome.John - Hendersonville, Nc
love it!Alaina - Non Ya, Mo
When I first heard this song, I thought the line "We stand in awe, we've created life" was "We're standing on, recreated lands". It was the first creed song I ever heard.Tearsofblood - Nowhere That Concerns You
I have always thought that it was about dying and going to Heaven.Joel - Columbia, Sc
This song always depressed the hell out of me because I *didn't* feel like that when I found out I was going to be a father. So glad now that I am, but always regret feeling how I felt.Matt - Melbourne, Australia
I agree with the comments posted, but I always thought it had to do with him going to heaven. But this is good too. I think a song should mean what you want it to.Jeremy - Lafayette, La
yeah this song really has said alot... since my parents are very religious i kind of have to question my faith... its a very awesome songSarah - Pp, Canada
Kevin that is so sweet!!Same thing with me I had my chid at a very young age too!!And I regret it!!But I want my daughter to know the dangers of that!!Mandy - Austin, Tx
This song means a lot to me because last year when I was 17 my girlfriend found out she was pregnant with twins.Raleigh and Ashton!My son Ashton doesn't need to do what I did!And my daughter Raleigh doesn't either!Thank u Creed 4 an amazing song!!Kevin - New York, Ny
Thank you Creed for making songs that don't have to do with drugs and actually have a good meaning that makes sense. You helped me become a better person and have a stronger hold in my believes.Wc - Antelope Valley, Ca
I get sick just thinking how Creed has won more Grammys than The Beatles. This song proves, that Grammys mean absolutely nothing.Nathan - Defiance, Oh
Yeah, you're very right actually. The album version is quite different. The only reason I was able to compare was because I purchased their "Greatest Hits" album - which came with a DVD. The ablum version of the song doesn't have any orchestra in it, but the album came with a DVD of some of their songs. The DVD version of the song does have the orchestra. So I suppose if you REALLY want the version with the orchestra you could by the "Greatest Hits"? Probably not the cheapest option... sorry.John - Sydney, Australia
The Album version of With Arms Wide Open bums me out. It doesn't sound at all like what I hear on the radio or when the video plays. On the album I've got, the song has no orchestra and the drummer is playing so loose, that it sounds like a different song. Where can I find the version that was the big hit?Jimmy - Cleveland, Oh
a very amazing song indeedSam - Beirut, Other
Waiting for you and ME! it's a prepositional phrase! I've heard people name their kids "Science" and "Identity". James Hogg named his daughter Ima. True story.Dude - Tx, Tx
a "fathers" arms are wide open.... the choice is after all, ours .... and while HE waits... Heavely Fathers arms are wide open....waiting for you and I
Peace be with you always...... : )
Charlemagne - Tomball, Tx
I really appriciate everything that you have done for all the charities. I really love this song because it has made me think of life in a different persective. Thanks again for making such a great song and dedicating it to charities.Shantaa - Peoria, Az
Um, Gabe, heard of Mick...?
More to the point, what kind of name is 'Apple' (Chris Martin from Coldplay's daughter???)
Jo - Newcastle, Australia
This is one of the best slow songs ever written. I just have to say one thing. What kind of name is "jagger"?Gabe - Utica, Ny
This song was made for Scotts son. He explains in the song how he doesn't want his son to make the same mistakes as he did growing up. He says that hehopes his son can do better.Paul - Pueblo, Co
i like this song..but i had no idea this song was about like a father-son kind of thing..thanx!Melanie - Gatineau, Canada
great song about a fathers love for his child ,eshould be more of itPete - Nowra, Australia
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