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Venice Queen


Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Anthony Kiedis wrote this about Gloria Scott, a drug councilor who died of cancer. Like Kiedis, Scott was a recovering heroin addict and they became friends. (thanks, Sarah - London, Canada)
Gloria Scott was a heroin addict and when she passed away, she had 22 years of recovery from addiction. She worked as a drug counselor at Cri-Help in North Hollywood, California and lived in Venice. She helped thousands recover from addiction. (thanks, Liz - Venice Beach, CA - Scott was Liz' counselor in 1983)
Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Comments (13):

@Emlyn Anthony gives John lyrics to sing as backing, so "you saved my life" is coming from Kiedis, but John is singing it.
- Robert, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
gloria inspired anthony to truely become clean!so he wrote her this song!she was a counselor not a girlfriend!read scar tissue!
- brendan, cleveland , TN
drew from Charleston you are wrong he even says in his book that its about gloria scott thats why the lyric is G-L-O-R-I-A
- Harry, Leeds, United Kingdom
Just wondering, is John singing "you saved my life" as the harmony vocals?
- Emlyn, Southampton, United Kingdom
Actually it's about Anthony's Girlfrien who he bought a house for in Venice Beach but she died
- drew, Charleston, SC
It is the chili's best song the way it is stuctured and crafted maybe not the most catchy or famous but just pure musical genius
- Callum, Chester, England
Umm i hope everyone knows anthony lists the meaning in his book "Scar Tissue" i like the live SLane Castle version alot too.
- Corey, Nashua, NH
such a moving song. chillis r best xxx
- Louise, Durham
The acousitc and lyrics at the end is so melodic... im glad i learnt it, replicating the Chili Peppers music is a dream. Gloria Scott is reffered to as Venice queen because, just before she passed away they bought her a house on Venice Beach...

I love you flea and want your babies :P
- Danno, Sussex, England
Gloria Scott helped Anthony get off the drugs after Hillel failed to recover from his heroin addict.
- DeLux Fender, Zagreb, Croatia
"it sounds like two guitars going not one." well there are two guitars in the song, but frusciante still did absolutely awesome such a touching song and i love it when they play live and at the end kiedes always says "goodbye, so long" oh just such a good song
- marko, Melbourne, Australia
no.. she was addicted before but got clean and then started councilling other addicts. It was said that Anthony would probably only listen to her and gave him really good advice.. it goes like um. a person's at their best state when the're giving, Before reading Scar tissue .. i actually thought it was about Yohanna Logan and moving to Venice in Europe.. thats what i had pictured in my head. "you tought me most of what i know" thats true because she helped him out spiritually and i think he started just praying due to what she had said. "G.L.O.R.I.A is love my friend" beautiful song and John's finger picking at the begining is real nice, it sounds like two guitars going not one. its awesome!
- Mistik, Sydney, Australia
Actually, Gloria Scott WAS NOT a herion addict, she was a conciller that helped Anthony Kiedis threw his addiction. They became very good friends during this time. I'm pretty sure she is refured to as "Venice Queen" in this song because Kiedis bought a home for her over looking Venice Beach. Beautiful song!!!
- Sarah, London, Canada
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