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Fountain And Fairfax by The Afghan Whigs

Album: GentlemenReleased: 1994
  • This song is about drinking. The title is the intersection in Los Angeles where Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings take place at a church.
  • Greg Dulli, the lead singer and author of the song, owns a bar on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Before he bought it, the bar was called The Shortstop and was infamous as a hangout for the cops involved in the LAPD rampart scandal.
  • Dulli is the voice of one of The Beatles in the movie Backbeat. His songs have also appeared in the movie Beautiful Girls. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    John - Los Angeles, CA, for all above
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Comments: 4

Uh, I'm a Cincinnatian. I appreciate you trying to honor the memory of Sudsy's, yet this is NOT where the Afghan Whigs first played out in the region. I am just old enough to remember the actual venue where they played: The Jockey Club. It closed in '88 when I was in high school. There is a website honoring the Jockey Club. On this site, there is a full calender of all the bands that played the venue. The Whigs played there in '86. If you ever want to really understand local music, learning about the JC is a must. Guided by Voices also played out there in the 1980's. Thanks guy from Thistle! Here's the link: http://home.fuse.net/hohorecords/jockeyclub_calendar.htm
Oh, Whigs fans- if you go to this site you can see a pic John Curley took of Henry Rollins of Black flag. Also, the Whigs first played under the name The Black Republicans.
Annikki - Cincinnati, Oh
One of the greatest mean spirited sounding songs out there. They managed to run the gamut from heartbreak to hatred and never look out of place doing either.A shame that so many crap bands make millions while bands like the Whigs and the Replacements never got their due.John - Levittown, Ny
The Whigs were huge Motown fnas, as witnessed by Uptown Avondale, an album of cover songs released on the Sub Pop label. Allegedly, Martha Reeves jined them on stage at a concert for a few songsJohn - Levittown, Ny
The Afghan Whigs hail from my hometown of Cincinnati, Oh. They got their start playing at a bar/laudrymat concert venue called Sudsey Malone's, and at a bar concert venue called Bogart's...Bogart's just so happens to be accross the street from Sudsey's!Montgomery - Florence, Ky
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