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Ocean Breathes Salty


Modest Mouse

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Modest Mouse lead singer Isaac Brock wrote this about Death. It contains some references to the afterlife, including the line, "And maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both live again." (thanks, Edward - Westport, CT)
Modest Mouse
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Comments (15):

I don't give half a sh*t what anyone says about this song... I would have NEVER been able to cope with my father's sudden death 3 years ago... if it weren't for this song. Even just reading the lyrics I want to break down and cry. This is the single most intense song by Modest Mouse I've ever heard, at least for me anyway. That's saying a lot, I haven't found a Modest Mouse song I didn't like.
- Jess, Kannapolis, NC
I read in an interview that Isaac wrote this song trying to deal with a couple of random deaths of some of his close friends. I believe one of them was Elliott Smith. It's a sad song from the view of a living person trying to look at the perspective from the dead person's view, if there is even one.
- d-money, vancouver, BC
Ok, I thought it was about a time he got falsely arrested for rape...could've sworn I read it in an interview but I could be way off base
- Jessica, Royse City, TX
Ok, I thought it was about a time he got falsely arrested for rape...could've sworn I read it in an interview but I could be way off base
- Jessica, Royse City, TX
I feel like the song is about someone who has died, and he finds it hard to be sad about it.
- Kevin, Seattle, WA
Isaac Brock went to jail for injuring a girlfriend while they were drinking--he broke her finger. In Oregon, any injury involving alcohol is attempted murder, so he spent a few months in prison. There aren't that many details, because he doesn't just talk about his personal life all the time, but from what I gather from interviews, things were contentious for a while between him and the girl, but things are OK now.

Not sure the whole song is about this one relationship, but that's definitely where the jail reference comes from.
- NAthan, St Petersburg, FL
This song is so beautiful!
I do agree it has a lot to do with death.

I've always thought that this song would
be perfect for this book I've read...
- alekx, Colorado Springs, CO
This song always makes me think of my father. it talks about wasting life, which is exactly what he did. But i still carry him in my head and my heart and my soul.
- adam, Peterborough, Canada
to chaya, I think the line "when the earth folded in on itself, and said good luck, for your sake..." refers to when they buried brock's brother/friend/whatever, and the rest is self-explanatory.
- Jimm, cleveland, TN
No, Daniel true modest mouse songs should listen to the songs they LIKE. This is one of my favorites. I thought the video went brillantly with it. It ended in true Modest Mouse style
- Jake, San Fran, CA
here, i'll explain this song line by line..

'your body may be gone but i'm gonna carry you in, in my head and in my heart and my soul' refers to that someone died and he's never gonna forget them.

'and maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both live again, well i dont know i dont know i dont know, don't think so' refers to how maybe there is a heaven where they'll both live again, but he doesnt really think so.

"the ocean breathes salty won't you carry it in, in your head and in your mouth and your soul" refers to how he doesnt want his friend to forget life on earth with him, like at the beach and stuff.

"and maybe we'll get lucky and we'll both grow old, well i dont know i dont know i dont know, i hope so" refers to how maybe when he dies, he hopes they'll both grow old together in heaven.

"when the earth folded in on itsself and said good luck for your sake, i hope heaven and hell are really there, but i wouldnt hold my wasted life, why wouldnt you waste death? you wasted life, why wouldnt you waste the afterlife?" refers to how since the guy wasted so much time in jail, he'd probably waste death too, and he hopes heaven and hell are there, just so that the guy will be able to find his friend to make his life better..BUT there might not be heaven and hell, so the guy would waste his afterlife too.

"the more we move ahead, the more we're stuck in rewind, but i dont mind i dont mind, how the hell could i mind" refers to how since his friend died, no one's been there to help him, and he keeps thinking back to the past, and he really doesnt mind.
- Chaya, Pittsburgh, PA
I believe it is about a relationship. You don't want them but at the same time you don't want to be alone.
- Janine, Weaubleau, MO
i dont know what this song is trying to say but i like the sound!
- Izzie, lala, HI
Dudes, this song is overrated for sure! if u like modest mouse you definetely should be listening to something more like Third Planet -or- something that the radio doesnt over-play.. you arent a true modest mouse fan if you dont enJoi all of there true talent, like bukowski or satin in a coffin! Brian , btw i heard that show was sweet! you are so lucky!
- Daniel, Danielsville, GA
I saw Modest Mouse live last night at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Minneapolis. If you're looking for one kick ass show, this is it.
- Brian, St. Cloud, MN
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