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U-Mass by Pixies

Album: Trompe Le MondeReleased: 1991
  • U-Mass is short for "University Of Massachusetts," where lead singer Black Francis and guitarist Joey Santiago met and formed the band. Francis wasn't enthralled with the institution: he quit after two years. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Eric - Anchorage, AK
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Comments: 8

i dont see much similarity between this song and Smells Like Teen Spirit although the two are always compared.. this song isnt convincing.. and comes off as mocking teenage rebellion to me. or maybe just not pulling the whole angst thing off? I dunno thats just me,Dorkybowtie - London, United Kingdom
This is the Pixies song that "Smells Like Teen Spirit" most closely resembles, hands down. The chorus riff. The drums. The sloppy guitar solo. The angsty, apathetic, rebellious mood. The screaming. Need I go on?Sean Dana - Milpitas, Ca
When my friends went there, and I hung out there, in the late 70's/early 80's we used a more descriptive term for the place...ZOOMASS!!Alan - Boston, Ma
UMASS Amherst is a very pretentious school. Moreover than any. I think this is only a pun on that. 'bright ideas, to us that's dear' etc.Fallenpictures - Boston, Ma
The wonderful lyrical prowess of "Oh kiss me c***, Oh kiss me C***Scott - Palm Desert, Ca
Students everywhere can identify themselves with this lyric. Shallow politics and promiscuous sexuality, don't mind if I help myself to some....Robert - Bergen, Norway
Sorry My Lord but this song rocks!Alfred - Sidmouth, Co
No it wasn't made in secrtAlfred - Sidmouth, Co
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