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Boom, Like That by Mark Knopfler

Album: Shangri-LaReleased: 2004Charted:
  • This song is about fast food, specifically the spread of McDonald's. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sam - Brisbane, Australia
  • The lyrics detail the story of Ray Kroc and buying out the McDonald brothers' hamburger restaurant. Kroc was a salesman for a milkshake mixing machine with 5 spindles called the Multimixer, and found out they were using 8 of these machines at a time. Surprised at what he saw, he pitched the idea of franchising their restaurant, and selling 8 of the Multimixers to each restaurant. When they wondered who will open the restaurants, Kroc said, "Well, what about me?" >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Patrick - Bremen, GA
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Comments: 11

Mentioning Allman / Clapton / Page / Hendrix without including Mr Buddy Guy -- y'know, the Chicago Bluesman that Clapton Himself called "the greatest living guitar-player, bar none"? -- is sacrilege.
Play 3 "Wind Cries Maries" and 5 "My Father's Eyes" in penance, then go and sin no more.
Smartalek - Boston, Ma
I have been a Dire Straits Fan since the 80's...shoot I graduated high school in 1979...I should have been a fan much sooner, but it wasn't until "Money For Nothing" hit the airwaves that I sat up & paid attention...but then not even close to enough...because as the years have passed & the internet made everything (I DO MEAN EVERYTHING!!!) so easy to attain...I grew up on AM radio when (IF YOU WERE LUCKY TO GET THROUGH) you called in to request your favorite song & waited for what seemed like forever for the DJ to play...so YES my ears began to blossom with the beautiful sounds of Mark Knopfler's guitar!!! It is unique of its kind & as far as I am concerned he IS WITHOUT A DOUBT the BEST & MOST TALENTED, GIFTED GUITAR PLAYER IN THE WORLD!!!! So good in fact that when you watch him (I've never had the blessing to see him LIVE)
but watching him you sense how relaxed he is while he plays & HE JAMS!!! Anyway...point is he is truly in my opinion one bad ass guitar playing gifted artist & a legend...some of my favorites are "Wild West End" & "Sultans of Swing"-the LIVE version...he plays solid through for more than 8 minutes!!!
Gayla - Yreka, Ca
Kris, 5:15am is about a coal miner coming home from a night shift to discover a guy with bullet in his head behind the wheel of a Mk 10 Jaguar. Turns out he was collecting money from Slot machines for the"Mob" and was skimming money off the top for himself. How else could he afford the "E" type Jag. and "Flashy Suits". His boss gets wind of his light handed activities and terminates his employment and life. A great ballad/song, that knowing Mark, is probably based on an actual event from his youth growing up in Scotland. Knopfler is such an insightful song writer and observer of life.Donald - Basking Ridge, Nj
Ethan in Ridgely: Mark Knopfler always looked to me like a poor bum in his picture in their first album. :)Eric - Beaverton, Or
Correction: Ray Kroc was not the founder of McDonalds. Dick and Mac McDonald were. Kroc just helped to make it what it was today with his milkshake machine sales, and pitching the idea of franchising, something unheard of with restaurants at the time. The song isn't about fast food restaurants in general, it's solely about how Ray Kroc shaped the McDonalds' restaurant into what it is today.Patrick - Bremen, Ga
If you've ever seen him live, you can really appreciate his guitar playing. He almost seemed to care less about singing and could have just played solos all night. A bit of little know trivia is that between the breakup of Dire Straits and the beginning of his solo career in the late 80's, he actually toured as part of Clapton's band - lead guitar.Dwight - Henderson, Nv
hey, kris. if you are from newcastle or have some knowledge about whats going on in the country then alot of his songs become alot more obvious.Wing - Cambridge, England
"He is on my opinion a good enough guitarist to be up there with Hendrix, Duane Allman, Clapton, and Page."

More like: Hendrix, Duane Allman, Clapton and Page are good enough guitarists to be up there with Knoplfer. ;)
Brynj�lfur - Hafnarfjörður, Iceland
This is great and all, but these lyrics are pretty easy to understand. How about trying to tackle some of his more, vague lyrics, like: Hill Farmer's Blues, The Ragpicker's Dream, 5:15am, Vic and Ray etc.?Kris - Austin, Tx
Mark Knopfler is so underrated. Ever try to play his songs? He does some crazy stuff with the guitar, man. He is on my opinion a good enough guitarist to be up there with Hendrix, Duane Allman, Clapton, and Page. His best work was while he was with Dire Straits. He was such a dedicated muscican, he and his brother were poor and were hitchhiking throughout the US. One Christmas, he was on the side of a road in the mud with only his brother and their guitars, with their thumbs out.Ethan - Ridgely, Md
Great song1 I got to hear it on an interview that Mark Knophler didon Rockline with Bob Coburn.Stefanie Magura - Rock Hill, Sc
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