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Van Morrison

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Van Morrison comes up with songs many different ways, sometimes a lyric or title idea sparks a song, and other times it's a melody. "Moondance" started as a Jazz saxophone instrumental, and Van played that original sax solo he wrote for the song. He told Rolling Stone magazine: "I used to play this sax number over and over, anytime I picked up my horn."
That Rolling Stone quote is about all you're going to get from Van regarding the song. He is notoriously fickle when it comes to speaking about his music, as he feels that the songs should speak for themselves. The liner notes to the Moondance album were written by his girlfriend Janet Planet, and instead of a traditional explanation of the recording process or a list of thank-you's these notes are a fable, telling the story of an artist in ancient times who has a great gift but keeps it to himself. When his wife gets sick, he cures her using his gift of song. She then asks, "But who will ease your pain, who will save you?"
The flute is a big part of this song. It was played by Collin Tilton, who replaced John Payne on the instrument for the Moondance album.
Van Morrison
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Comments (14):

Only song I know of that has the word "fantabulous" in it. A classic.
- Jerry, Niles, MI
Kelli, that's a great idea! My fiance' and I were trying to think of a first dance song for our wedding...and it happens to be in October!
- Mary, Phoenix, AZ
This song is incredible. How can you pick just one thing about it?
- eb, Conch Republic, Mid-Ter., FL
why is there no place for the best song on this album? BRAND NEW DAY !!!!???
- Jeff, Casa Grande, AZ
The entire album is a classic
- Mchael, Winston-Salem, NC
I love this song :)
Our chamberstrings is playing this song. :D
- Esther, Toronto, ON
Love Van Morrison's music. It is some of the most beautiful stuff ever composed in my opinion.
- renee, bloomington, MN
Really, what makes this song and Van Morrison so great is the off beat tempo and note holding that he is best known for. His voice stands out in a sea of sameness...
Debra, Puyallup, Wa.
- Cole, milton , WA
Don't care much for saxaphone. What I remember most about this song is the flute. Fantabulous.
- Lalah, Wasilla, AK
Bad Moon Rising, Blue Moon a couple of the other
great tunes in American Werewolf in London. Funniest horror flick, or scariest comedy.
- rob, vancouver, Canada
I'm using this song as the first dance in my wedding.
- Kelli, Cedar Rapids, IA
Naturally interpreted as the pure fascination of love , new and old... but It's hard to distinguish which lyrocs from Van M. are done out of physical live or spiritual's beyond me which he was writing about at this time...but it's work of a genius nonetheless.
One of the most profound and prolific writers of our(my) time.
- Scott, Columbus, OH
Used in 'American Werewolf in London' - Think about it!
- John, Edinburgh, Scotland
Great song!! Van Morrison is a great artist!
- Tressa, Eaton Rapids, MI
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