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Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe

Album: Dr. FeelgoodReleased: 1989Charted:
  • This song is about Nikki Sixx' revival. One day Sixx literally died and when paramedics arrived they shot him with Adrenaline as a last ditch effort to save him, so the Adrenaline "kickstarted" his heart! >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jesse - Pineville, LA
  • This also deals with the band's newfound sobriety during the songwriting process and on stage. The rush they used to get from drugs they were now getting in other, more natural ways.
  • Bassist Nikki Sixx told Rolling Stone: "That was a song I had written very quickly and had brought into rehearsal. I thought it was a throwaway, something that would belong on Too Fast For Love. It just really took on a life of its own and fit on the album a lot better than it should."
  • Mötley Crüe appeared in a commercial for the Kia Optima that ran during the 2012 Super Bowl. In the ad, they are performing this song in a really awesome dream; Ariana Lima and Chuck Liddell also appear. The concept is that the vehicle is the only thing you can dream of that is attainable in your waking hours.
  • The song soundtracked a 2014 commercial for the Dodge Charger. Dodge also acted as the presenting sponsor of Mötley Crüe's The Final Tour, which kicked off in Grand Rapids at Van Andel Arena on July 2, 2014.
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Comments: 27

In 2010 (I believe it was that year) Blue Angels Diamond formation would take off and begin their demonstration to this song over the loudspeakers at their airshows.Scott - Hanford, Ca
Nikki was not released from the hospital: he yanked the IV out, walked out of the hospital, went home and shot up again.Chris - Hutchinson, Ks
My Dear Friends!
It looks like you argue about two different cases. One of them was in Valentine's Day in London and another one - 23 December in USA... What do you think?
Rocksolan - Kyiv, Ukraine
Actually, whitley, from decorah, IA. You obviously didn't pay that much attention to the section of his book, because it clearly states that when the ambulance got to the hospital, two teenage girls convinced the doctor to try one more time to revive Sixx, and it finally worked due to the adrenaline.Christian - Oh
if you read his book you find out that it was only because the paramedic was an avid crue fan and wouldn't let him die and had to shoot him in the heart with the shot. u also learn that he was throw in a dumpster by a drug dealer who thought he died from and od.Whitley - Decorah, Ia
if you read his book you find out that it was only because the paramedic was an avid crue fan and wouldn't let him die and had to shoot him in the heart with the shot. u also learn that he was throw in a dumpster by a drug dealer who thought he died from and od.Whitley - Decorah, Ia
again greatest rock and roll band of all time periodDustin - Arcadia,
Okay. On valentines day, nikki sixx went to a "drug appartment" and was so drunk and had a headache that he told the dude that took him there to give him the drugs that he had talked about ((heroin)) but stupidly he should have thought before saying that because ((of course)) no one but nikki himself knows how much of any drug he can handle so the dude that shot nikki up gave him WAAY too much and nikki was knocked out cold. The dude thought he had just killed nikki sixx from Motley Crue so he got a baseball bat and tried to "beat the freaking((insert other word there)) life into him" well when that didnt work he took nikki on his shoulders outside of the appartment and threw him in a dumpster. Later the paramedics found him and revived his heart after two minutes of being dead. That is what inspired this awesome song.Jessica - Las Vegas, Nv
There are too many songs that have that gearshift guitar opening...Airk - Skagway, Ak
Being loud doesn't mean anythingGoober - Hell, Ny
luke actually the loudest band youll ever see is Manowar they have the on record the loudest decibal of volume for any band ever. but agree that motorhead is louder than the Crue. i read about the story and sixx. He was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. one of the doctors was a motley crue fan and he said hes not gonna die and came in with the adrenaline and kickstartd his heart. After that he was released from the hospital later that night he went back to the hotel shot up again and left a message on his answering machine that said this "hey this is nikki im not here right now because im dead"Tbone - Virginia, United States
Actually, Motorhead is the loudest band you'll seeLuke - Manchester, England
The imitation of the motorcycle engine at the beginning was used earlier by Montrose on "Bad Motor Scooter." I think the guitarist who perfected that sound was Ronnie Montrose. The singer happened to be Sammy Hagar.Greg - Maryville, Mo
Kickass song...love the gearshift guitar at the start. Motley Crue is the best and loudest show you'll ever see.Nate - Viola, Wi
this song kicks my butt everytime, very motivational for meAngie - Ocean Springs, Ms
yea, mick mars does the voiceboxin this song (watch the video on www.youtube.com (search "Kicksart My Heart"))Jen - Ontario, Canada
Doesn't Mick do the voice box on this? I think it's him...Leon - Waterbury, Ct
i love NIKKI SIXX too!!Karren - Deerfiled, Nh
This song is by far The Crues heaviest song theyve ever released.Dylan - Perth, Australia
this song is easily their best.John - Taylors Falls, Ms
parts of the song deals with drugs. like "when i get high, i get high on speed." It's kinda got 2 though.David - Taylors Falls, Mn
Nikki Sixx is great but Mick Mars is the freakin COOLEST! lolMleissa - Wasaga Beach, Canada
True thank god he is still alive and thank god there comming to Austraila!!!!Love 'emAshes - Sydney, Australia
this song highlights everything great about metal in the 1980sDanny - Sydney, Australia
What would we have done if he had died?Aj - Cleveland, Ga
This Song Rocks..!
Thank God Nikki Is Still Alive..!
Love You SixX
Adriana - Monterrey, Mexico
I love Nikki Sixx!Danielle - Swanton, Oh
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