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Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

Album: Love.Angel.Music.BabyReleased: 2004Charted:
  • The video seems to be set in high school, with Stefani playing a cheerleader (even though she was about 35 years old when this was released). In this context, a "Hollaback Girl" is probably one of the lesser cheerleaders who yells in the background. Gwen is asserting that she in one of the main cheerleaders who gets people's attention.
  • Stefani (from Rolling Stone, June 16, 2005): "I did the whole record, but I knew I didn't have my attitude song - my 'this is my history, f--k you because you can't erase it' song. I knew I wanted a song like that."
  • Stefani got the idea for the cheerleader theme when she recalled a comment Courtney Love said about her in an issue of Seventeen magazine: "Being famous is just like being in high school. But I'm not interested in being the cheerleader. I'm not interested in being Gwen Stefani. She's the cheerleader, and I'm out in the smoker shed."
  • Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo produced this track and wrote the song with Stefani. At the time, Williams and Hugo were active in their band N.E.R.D. and produced under the moniker The Neptunes. Their energetic hip-hop beats fueled tracks by Britney Spears ("I'm A Slave 4 U"), Nelly ("Hot In Herre") and many others.
  • This is the first song to sell one million legal downloads.
  • On the Family Guy episode "Deep Throats," Brian watches a VH1 special on Gwen Stefani and says, "I don't know what a Hollaback Girl is, but I want her dead." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Joe - Chicago, IL
  • At the beginning of the video, Stefani says, "Get in really close. Aww, super kawaii" as she takes a picture of her backup dancers. "Kawaii" is a Japanese word for "cute." Stefani is a big fan of alternative Japanese popular culture, especially of the crazily dressed teenage girls from the area near Harajuku station in Tokyo. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • Sebastian Bach of Skid Row played Gil, a guitarist in the fictional band Hep Alien, on the TV series Gilmore Girls. In the 2006 episode "Bridesmaids Revisited," he plays this song at a Bar Mitzvah.
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Comments: 97

Ok, folks, I know most of you all have totally missed the message of the video completely.
Most us get our "Ranking" & a "Life's Outlook" when we are in High School.....
What Stefani was doing was interpreting her's
This is a very real Girls View of Life with a typical confrontation
I really enjoyed this video, it gave me some insights
Gary - Houston, Tx
oh my god! i can't believe people here are soooo stpid!!

Bananas is uses in britain to say "random"

so she is basically saying this song is random...
Lolamento - La Concha De La Lora, Argentina
Ahh I want to know what type &+ make of car it is? :)xGermy-lee - Cairns, Australia
The video "holla back girl" by Gwen Stephanie was shot in my school Birmingham High School! awesome!famous skateboarder "Paul Rodriguez" went to our school! and singer "Lala" the one that sings the song (homegirls)also went to our school.... coach carter's nephew coaches our football team/top 4 in Cali! he now coaches our basketball team and is doing an awesome job!.... many other famous people went to our school just look it up if you don't believe any of this.Unknown - Van Nuys , Ca
She's done better songs, but this definitely catchy!Louise - Newcastle, United Kingdom
Pure Sht! Such a great voice, but someone needs to throw her some depth and some lyrics. She sings for idiots and I don't know why.Edal - Baltimore, Md
I agree with Brian from Family Guy. (THis is from the Peanut Butter Jelly Time thing). "I'm watching a special on Gwen Stefani. I have no idea what a Hollaback Girl is; but I want her dead." XDKrista - Elyria, Oh
Kyle from Dover-that's the exact same thing I was thinking it was about. I still can't make sense of this song...

I thought it was a girl who would just talk a lot of crap behind other people's backs instead of facing her adversary.
Madison - Norway, Me
should it be mentioned that this song can be found mashed-up with the queen song 'Another One Bites the Dust'? It's known as 'Hollaback Queen'.Dizzy - Hell, Al
Are you sure this isn't a reference to her preferred position during sex? She does have some nice, long legs....Hugh - Kansas City, Mo
Someone mentioned the Banana Cheer...Is that the "Form/peel/go banana. Form, form/peel, peel/go, go banana." one?Lydia - Yukon, Ok
Gwen Stefani says the word "sh*t" about 30 times. And I have Love.Angel.Music.Baby album! I love this song!!Audie - Auckland, New Zealand
Lol way better than the other song thats like all cheerleader that Mickey song,

Goll that Micky song is annoying it gets stuck in your head like no other!

"oh Mickey your so fine your so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey"
Kenz - Salt Lake, Ut
Lol this song taught me how to spell Banana because I used to always add one to many "an"'s

Man I am a crappy speller.
Kenz - Salt Lake, Ut
she's no britney spears...that stuff makes me want to dance...gwen stefani solo career makes me want to bang my head against a wallKara - Louisville, Ky
I wasn't crazy about No doubt but it WAS better than this.

I kinda liked Stefani's earlier solo stuff but this one is not my cup of tea at all. The kind of stuff my 8 year old niece listens to.

Just my opinion.
Rafael - Pasadena, Ca
OK, let's make this simple. Everyone who said the song is about Gwen not backing down from a fight challenge is correct. Saying she isn't a "hollaback girl" is her way of saying she doesn't just "talk the talk". Also, the "bananas" reference is simply saying that the song & the beat are crazy. "Bananas" is a slang reference for doing something wild or crazy, like saying "Let's go bananas".Will - Kansas City, Mo
I'm a cheerleader, so i have to hand it to Gwen for making a cheerleading themed song. I used to be in love with it. Now that it is older, it is not as popular with. me. I still like the " Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S" part!Caitlin - Upper Township, Nj
I'm sorry but this song is terrible. The song is so far from some of the better stuff Gwen did with No Doubt. The lyrics are bad, the song is annoying and offers no replayablility offer. I was highly disappointed in Gwen's solo effort.Jeremy - Iowa City, Ia
I used to sing this song whenever it came on Tv or on the radio, particularly in school. But it got so annoying that whenever the song played and I danced to it, my teacher would have to turn it offMatthew - Dalton, Pa
When Gwen Stefani was interviewed about this, one concern was about the song being erased. Stefani said the song was her 'this is my history that you can't erase' song.Matthew - Dalton, Pa
READ THIS Once I went to my great grandma's. I was with my my cousins. One was wearing ripped jeans. So GG brought up the subject of fashion when she was young. (Of course) "We wore(blah blah blah)...and I still wear a girdle." Well, my cousins and I were like " What's a girdle?" Then, to our shock, disgust,and amusment, my GG said slowly, "well..." than LIFTED HER SKIRT. Yeah, my 90 yr old GG lifted her skirt. In front of all of us. We all could barely keep from bursting out in laughter. Then one of my cousins leaned over and whispered " Ooh! grandma strippa" It was so hilarious. Overall, the whole experience was scary and, and, well, it was weird and hilarious.Anonymous
I loved this song when it first came out but it got annoying when they kept playing it on the radio all the time.Melissa - My Place
When this song comes on at the bar, I'm up on the speaker, stomping my feet to the beat, mouthing all the lyrics, and practically re-enacting the video! I LOVE IT! Great party song, wicked beat, fun lyrics, and a lot of fun to dance to! Hey Gweni, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Gweni! GO GWEN GO!Reese - Calgary, Canada
I have read all the comments and viewed the lyrics. This song is about two girls meeting after school for a fight. Simple. Gwen is saying she won't back down or just 'talk about it'. You can remember when two people would get together after high school for a big rumoured fight and have it be nothing but "yelling" at each other. Gwen is saying,"if you talk about me, I am going to kick your ass". Cause she ain't no holla back girl, no she ain't no holla back girl.
The bananas part is the fact that fighting is stupid, or fighting over people talking about them is stupid. The fact that they are cheerleaders is irrelevant.
Richard - Kaaawa, Hi
"Beat It" is not a rock song! Get ur sources right its considered pop or R&B. Duh it made by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.

i love this song it rocks cause it has attitude and when did gwen get ghetto. And as u can tell from "Hela Good" she started using more beats oin her song so yah, and besides she got people from the rap and r&b backgroung to give her madd props like myself.

And yes i new about no doubt b4 her solo career, she was great then too.
Christina - Nor*cal, Ca
Now usually im not really the Gwen Stefani i did love No Doubt tho anyway I dont like her new album AS MUCH i dont hate it just not as much but Hollaback Girl has got to be the most catchy, cool, funniest song i have ever heard in my 17 years of lifeAnonymus - New York City , Ny
I take back my ealier comment. like really early, GO TO THE BOTTOM. Thi song is SO catchy, and I think the video is Definitely good for a laugh. Everyone from Canada should definitely check out Much's Vieo On Trial for this though. Its amazing.Clare - Hmilton, Canada
This song is really cool andIi like to sing it a lot. Me and my mom always try to dance to it and we can never get it right!Kaitlyn - Port Deposit, Md
Even though Gwen Stefani is one of the most beautiful rock and roll women, the song is not. Hollaback Girl frequently uses the s word (according to my count) 37 times. I'm sure radio stations played a much cleaner version to satisfy FCC regulations. I do like the line "This ----is bananas. B-A-N-A--N-A-S."Howard - St. Louis Park, Mn
when first heard and saw the music video i tought this was a gay song. and when i heard this song more i loved it. i like the way gwen stefani looks. she is so skinny i want to be skinny like her.Sarah Floyd - Bloomingdale, Il
Perhaps it is my age, but I certainly don't remember this kind of crap being played when I was growing up. Of course, rap was all the rage at that time. And now, we are spiraling down the vortex that is pop/r&b. My biggest problem with this song is that it is played on the radio.....over....and over...and over. I also have never been partial to "cheerleading" songs....or whatever you want to call them. I don't know about you, but I remember hating those stupid pep rallys in school. And the only good thing that cheerleaders did was bounce around a lot. It's kind of like a Jessica Simpson video....find the mute button and it's smooth sailing from there.Doug - Sioux City, Ia
ok, this song is way annoying, but it gets stuck in your head sooooooo easily. so u sing it the whole day, and you hate it! how unfair is that?Reena - Not Telling, Ma
I love Gwen!! I am a 34 year old working mom and when i need some motivation to get things done or I just feel like gettin an attitude, I pop in her CD and crack it up!!!! Her music makes me feel like I am a teenager again.Nessa - Huntville, Tx
Guess many the girls love it, and many of the men hate it. I admit it is cachy.Wik - Brooklyn, Ny
I love gwen stefani! she rocks...she is so pretty and has wicked style!! her songs are great and she is great and I really want to meet her!!
I love her songs:
. What Ya Waiting For
. Hollaback Girl
. Cool
Holly - London, England
okay, kids. i have read all of this stuff and now it's time for me to have a few words. first of all, when gwen says "super kawaii" she is saying "super cute" as kawaii is japanese for cute...do not confuse it with kauai, which is an island in the hawaiian island chain (duh). second, a hollaback girl (or boy) can be known as someone who answers a late night booty call, or someone who reciprocates in an argument, or someone who responds to a holla coming from a moving car. third, i have always known bananas as slang for "crazy", which would make sense..."this s@#t is bananas (crazy). and finally DO NOT EVER DIS RESPECT PHARELL WILLIAMS. the boy is a genius and knows how to make a phat beat.
Cricket - Moscow, Id
Gwen Stafani was awesome foursome in No Doubt and whats w/ the SUPER KWAAEEE thing in the beginning of the music vid.Now her songs make me want to kill.Jackh - Spokane, Wa
I think the song and the video are good and Gwen Stefani is well tasty - But then again I aint got no taste!
I am also now slightly closer to knowing what she's on about after reading this lot.
Casey - Birmingham, England
This is one of the worst songs ever made, it has absolutely no musical value or creativity what so ever. It's thanks to all of you mindless fans that these talent-less "singers" are still around and pumping out this crap crap.Doug - Williamston, Mi
Silly people. When songwriters write songs, they keep their fans in mind. Gwen's fans include teenagers, and she's appealing to them with what's hip right now, that's why she's using current slang expressions. And that's why she's using a derivation of the cheerleading song "Go Bananas" often used at highschool games. I think the beat she got from the marchingband-style drumming is refreshing and creative.Maria - Santa Monica, Ca
Well i dont agree with all the other people from canada. i find this song pretty good. My baby cousin loves this song:) she sings it in her sleep "holla back girl" lolSabrina - Montreal, Canada
Could it possibly be that Gwen is saying that she isnt going to get into an altercation w/ another girl? That meaning she isn't a holler back girl (wont talk trash) instead she will just knock you out? Isnt afraid to fight and doesn't talk trash...

And as far as the banana thing... perhaps a referrence to a man's penis... and nothing else???

Velinda - Hernando, Fl
Okay, well, I have done further research, and it is believed to be that this song has much deeper meanings. I mean I think a song about running track and eating bananas is pretty cool though. Well, it is believed to be that Gwen has been a "holla back girl" (someone that is considered as a back-up girlfriend/ booty call) many times in her life before. And she is tired of it, and bananas(condoms...gasp!) So, now she is running away from her past of being a holla back girl. Hakuna Matata.Marissa - Vero Beach, Fl
i was in deep thought earlier. what is a holla-back girl and why is gwen stefanni so determined not to be one? after research the only idea i can get from it is that it's either a person that runs track or eats bananas.Marissa - Vero Beach, Fl
The Yamaha and Stefani partnership aired on three popular television shows: Saturday Night Live, The Late Show with David Letterman, and Good Morning America. Yamaha exclusively provided several Yamaha drums from the SFZ line including three white MS-9213 snare drums, three white bass drums ranging in size from a 20", 22" and a 24" drum. Yamaha also furnished two white MZ60234 drums. The quality of the Yamaha drum line allows Stefani to create her own unique beat and really rock the house. For More info:www.dannybritt.com/gwenstefani.htmJohn - Sparta, Nj
This song is so annoying i liked no doubt but gwen by herself is pop not ska. come on.Charlotte - Kansas City, Mo
this song got to number 1 in australia. i saw it on rage that morning. lucky it was saturday and i had nearly two full days to pump actual MUSIC out of the stereo to forget about her before i went back to workRob - Perth, Australia
A "Hollaback Girl" for those that do NOT know is a girl who calls back REAL late at night like 2AM in the morning for a VERY PRIVATE meeting. Yeah you can pick those other terms but this is the current stylish term to appeal to the "young urban thug" market that stereotypical rap songs are supposed to appeal to.

Stefani is saying in current lingo that she too is NOT someone who has been bought out, though obviously this song is merely a fad pop, light rap music that appeals to market demographic that she is intentionally selling this album to.

The song is quick and easy, done to appeal to a cross market like DMX's "Party Up" which is NOT representative of the bulk of their defining work, but is needed to appeal to make people buy the album.
P - Hollywood, Ca
The "Bananas" chant is very popular in high schools across the country, usually performed at pep rallies and home games. This chant has a bit of a sexual reference (duh!), and thus a lot of schools have recently banned it. Some schools put slight variations on the chant, adding their own lyrics.Patrick - Conyers, Ga
Emily, you're wrong about the song "Schnappi, Das Kleine Krokodil." It was written and recorded by Joy Gruttman, 3 years ago, when she was 4. She just made up a song about a little crocodile. I don't think "Hollaback Girl" is an amazing song, but it's catchy, and I do like it. And I'm glad that in the U.S. we at least have real music, and don't rely on our 4-year-olds to make up songs ("Schnappi" is #1 in Germany and New Zealand, and is topping charts all over the world). I mean, seriously. It's cute, but'Amanda - Newberg, Or
This song is GARBAGE! G-A-R-B-A-G-E! Anyone who likes this doesn't have taste in good music. This is just another listen to song and not a hear the music song. Someone can talk to you and you not hear what they say and this is that kind of song. All you hear is a beat and pointless lyrics. I feel sorry for people who waste money on CD's with this crap on it.Colby - Bedford, Va
Right, where to begin tearing this 'song' to shreds? It definately does not deserve a place on the charts and if Gwen Stefani was not so popular or hot (and if the people who put the charts together had brains) it probably wouldn't even be around. NOTE TO SELF: to become a big star must get boob job, have a unique and individual style that everybody wears (My suggestion is that Mexican cultural dress will become the new thing(bring on the Sombreros!)), and sell out BIG TIME. Anyone heard or seen that song Schnappi by Baron Von Krocodil? its the theme song to a german cartoon played over and over again from what I can gather and it kicks Gwen's no-holla-backin'-butt back to Japan.Emily - Sheepland, Australia
What the hell is the deal with the B A N A N A S thing?John - Barrie, Canada
I might be shallow but I love this song, mostly because I worship Gwen but the song is also crazy addictive.Jojo - Wichita, Ks
Uh, okay, for those folks who are saying the song has not point --- DUH! It's a POP song, not a national anthem or some ode to a great war. If you want serious, depressing and painful, watch the nightly news.Tony - Detroit, Mi
I love Gwen but holla back girl is played way to much on the radio.Amelia - Olathe, Ks
this song was a waste of time money and life... she can go die... this song is pure ace !Hayley - Mckinney, Tx
This song is horrible. But hey you know if you spell Kaballah backwards you get hallabak. (Madonas a Kaballhist.)Eric - Cumberland, Ri
Mediocre at best. Kid Rock is the next Vanilla Ice, Stefani is the next Cindi Lauper.Don - San Antonio, Tx
why does everyone have to take songs like this so seriouslyJosh - Farmington, Ut
I happened to land on this site and got caught up reading the comments of haters who seem to think their opinion defines the quality of a song. The observation I have to make isn't meant to be personal, it's just a basic concept that could be valuable to anyone - you destroy your own credibility when you criticize music and follow it by ALL HAIL SLAYER. It's like saying
I AM DEAF. You can't be taken seriously with a contradiction like that.
Thomas - Warba, Mn
HOLLER - To shout
BACK - the opposite way to whence you came
GIRL - a female

HOLLERBACKGIRL - a female who shouts in the reverce direction.

hpnestly, if you idiots stopped analysiong everything you see, you'd know that the above is simple:

Gwen is saying she's not a hollerback girl - Meaning she doesn't answer every guy that calls her name - "so many times I've been round that track so it's not gonna happen like that..."
Luke - Manchester, England
I hate this song, it has no point. Not only do I dislike the song, but the music video is third rate too. Actually, I just hate the convertible she's in...David - Medway, Ma
Now now people I may have said some things in my earlier posts that may have given you the idea that I like any of Gwen Stefani's work...This is not true...I always thought No Doubt sucks as a matter of fact Ska sucks all I was saying is that Ska is better than Pop-Rap or whatever it is she does now...But that still doesn't make her earlier stuff good...Zac - Charlotte, Nc
ok well actually i LOVE this song, but i shouldn't. I'll tell u y. My interpretation of the song is that she is claiming a cheerleader is a hollaback girl (or basically all cheerleaders are SLUTS)
this is just like any other stereotype of a cheerleader such as stupid or squeaky voice or whatever
i am a cheerleader so while this offends me... i also ADORE this song and sing it obsessively...
Kara1 - Shawnee, Ok
Ok, I just registered on this site so I could say how horribly bad this song is. I don't even think you can call it music. Any one who likes it need's to have their brain checked out.Drew - Great Falls, Mt
Worst. Song. Ever. Gwen sold out big time to get a POP hit.Dude - Roanoke, Al
Yep this song isn't good at all.Adrian - Melbourne, Australia
I believe that Gwens' entire album exists only to solicit L.A.M.B., her new clothing line. It should not be considered music but as a marketing tool.Kara - Louisville, Ky
i agree with everyone who says this song is crap. Russ, Mivlerton, Canada expessally, he made a good point.Gywn - Queens,new York
Unbelievably bad. I agree with Mandy from Calgary...No Doubt was at least something you could consider music. What Gwen is doing now passes for ABOMINABLE. I honestly can't even consider this a song, because there aren't even actual musical notes coming out of her mouth for at least half of it.Billy - Pittsburgh, Pa
If Gwen Stefani was "back in the game," she would stick to her originality that she had with No Doubt. Or are her bandmates the source of her creativity?Jim - Oxnard, Ca
Granted, This song is not one of the best from L.A.M.B but it's fun and lighthearted and it makes me wanna dance so it can't all be bad.Laura - Glasgow, Scotland
Gwen Stefani used to be part of something much bigger. And it was sheer brilliance. No Doubt was one of the most original bands out there- they had amazing songs that actually had meaningful lyrics. Now, Gwen is prancing around like all the other main-stream artists making songs that are meaningless and pretty much just lame. Gwen, we liked you better when you were individual- now you just blend in with all the other artists out there that are crap.Mandy - Calgary, Canada
i just like the "ooooooo ooooo" sound and the banana part. thats itAja - Gloucester, Ma
This song, in my opinion, is really silly but you totally forget that when you dance to it. However much as i love Gwen Stefani, I have to say that she's gotten a little nutso without the guidance of her bandmates.Claire - Oak Ridge, Tn
This is the stupidest song, wha the hell does "is bananas b-a-n-a-n-a-s mean....such a bad songMichael - Fair Lawn, Nj
I'm surprised nobody has made mention of the fact that BANANAS is an obvious reference (given her infatuation with Japanese culture, harajuku girls, etc.) to the ethnic slur connotation of the word.

(Following text from wikipedia dot org):

Banana is a mildly pejorative term used to describe people who are "white" (Western) on the inside and "yellow" (of east Asia) on the outside. It is particularly used to describe women who have become highly assimilated into Western culture and/or married Caucasians. It is usually used to refer to people of east Asian origin living in Western countries (e.g. Asian Americans ).

It is commonly used by Chinese Americans to refer to other American-born Chinese. It is also increasingly used by native Chinese to describe Chinese Americans. It is a synonym of jook-sing.

Banana Boys is a novel by Terry Woo about a group of Chinese males recounting the past and bringing to light issues they faced while growing up in Canadian society.

The opposite of the term "Banana" is "egg" - a white person who acts as a person from east Asia.

Other racial terms similar to banana include "coconut", which refers to people who are "brown" (Hispanic) on the outside and "white" (Caucasian) on the inside as well as "oreo" which refers to someone who is black (African American) on the outside and "white" (Caucasian) on the inside.

In the film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, Harold says that his Korean friend would call him a twinkie - "Yellow on the outside, white on the inside".
Chris - Kansas City, Mo
I enjoy all types of music. I don't really like this song, but, Gwen Stefani has a great voice. I love many of her other songs.William - Ocean Springs, Ms
It's so different that it's actually good.Madeline - Melbourne, Australia
hollaback girl is such a cool song its one of the best song in the world you must be mad if you dont like her or the song!!!!!!! charlotteCharlotte - Brigg, England
I am into more edgy music, but when i heard this song i liked it, i think Gwen Stefani is a very cool artist & don't know why so many people knock her. Have a bit of humour people the banana's bit is a bit of fun, i think it's great, the beat's in the song are so cheerful, but then again everyone has different opinion's!Jade - London, England
This has got to be the single worst excuse for music i have ever heard. ALL HAIL SLAYERJohn - Cape Coral, Fl
well lets see this song is crappy. The only reason i watched the music video was to see Gwen cause she pretty hot. the song is just like every other pop song out there useless. hahahaRuss - Mivlerton, Canada
she had very bad writers block for this albulm. have of the stuff is sampled and remakes.

she was under alot of pressure from her label to just get it done and put it out there. she could have done alot better. this whole cd is not that good.
Jenn - Cleveland, Oh
In this song, Gwen has modified the cheer "Go Bananas," which goes, "Go bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S." While she has changed the words for the worse, it is definitely the same cheer, and carries the cheerleading theme that permeates the song. The cheerleaders in the video are not, as Kyle proposed, unrelated to the song.Abby - Los Angeles, Ca
i love this song!!! gwen totally manages to be awesome no matter what she sings. i love her music, because its so different, and another thing i totally love about her is that shes totally herself, and not just another britney biddy. and just so u know - it really doesnt matter how u spell bananas.Aleshia - Garrison, Mo
This song, her whole album, is an over-produced pile of well Bananas... Oh and the song fact is sooooo wrong. A Holla Back girl is a low self esteemed slut who waits for booty calls, Gwen's character is asserting she is a proad and defiant high school student, wait a minute... she is like 35 and she is releasing this? I mean stealing from Fiddler is one thing (Gwen is a rich girl isn't she?) but this schlock is taking the mindlessness of pop to a whole other level. Do yourselves a favor and look up the song "Hook," By Blues Traveler... the subject of that song is proven with this one... it doesn't matter what Gwen sings, as long as it sounds good thumping out of the speakers of your tricked out honda.
God I never thought I'd miss the days of "Genie in a Bottle"
Monty - Omaha, Ne
Heheh...I really like this song. With the Neptunes and everything. Maybe we should stop putting so much imporance on the technicalities.
"That's not how you spell bananas!"
Alvin - Sioux Center, Ia
this really is awful, it just seems to be mindless swearing, and not even good mindless swearing at that

did anyone notice that she seems to spell bannanas wrong? i thought she was saying B-A-N-A-N-A-N
Rich - Coventry, United States
I TOTALLY agree with Zac this song is horrible and I'm so disappointed as her early work was so good.Clare - Hmilton, Canada
the best thing about this song is the when, during the line 'another one bites the dust', the horns play the riff from the queen song! excellent!Gisela - Ireland
First of all the song is just god awful...Gwen has talent but you couldn't tell by listening to this song...I really wish Gwen would go back to her roots and continue to do Ska music instead of falling farther and farther into this pop-rap crapZac - Charlotte, Nc
I love this song. I love the bananas part.Toshio - Kyoto, Japan
Just a thought, but perhaps "Hollaback" in this instance is a contraction of "Hollow backed" (though my first impression was that it was "Holler back") - which is kinda the same thing as the old "Yellow bellied" expression. A "hollow backed girl", then, would be a girl who's afraid of a fight. In the song, then, Gwen would be challenging someone to a fight, and saying she's not afraid of them. Makes sense, given the verses. The cheerleaders in the video don't have as much to do with the song, but fit the beat and the apparent high school setting. That's my take on it, anyway.Kyle - Dover, De
Wait, shes saying "She aint no Hollaback Girl" So wouldn't that means she is one? Doesn't make much sense.Chad - Andover, Mn
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