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Sinnerman by Nina Simone

Album: Best Of Nina SimoneReleased: 1964
  • This song is featured in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair. They play it throughout the scene where Pierce Brosnan is stealing the painting from the museum. (thanks, John - Los Angeles, CA)
  • In the UK, the instrumental middle of this song is used on a advert for Renaut cars. In 2005 the BBC used it on the trailers for the series Judge John Deed. (thanks, Kazryn - Potters Bar, England)
  • Nina Simone's estate sued HTC after it used the Felix da Housecat remix of this song in a commercial, allegedly without permission. The singer's heirs claimed that the smartphone manufacturer failed to obtain the rights to use the track for their "You Are Different" advertising campaign.
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Comments: 11

This was also featured in Person Of Interest (TV Series), don't remember when.Bmn - Hisuan, Argentina
I just re-watched the Thomas Crown Affair (1999 version), the instrumental portion (clapping mostly) and a tiny snippet (one word) of the vocals appear at the beginning, in the initial scene where he steals it. The majority of the song appears at the end, in the scene where he puts it back.Greg - Austin, Tx
Also was at the end of the movie called Nuovomondo, AKA USA (Golden Door)Tom - Dubuque, Ia
This song is a traditional. The first recording was by The Weavers (live @ Carnegy Hall)Maarten - Bouwel, Belgium
Dennis is wrong.

Sinnerman is played during the film's climax, but portions of the song are used throughout the film, including the first theft scene. You might not be familiar with the longer, 10 minute version of the song, but there is a large instrumental section with clapping in the middle.
John - Atlanta, Ga
Sinnerman was played at the end of the new David Lynch movie Inland Empire(2007). I think it was played fullyJukka Herttua - Helsinki, Finland
The Felix da Housecat remix of Sinnerman is also played toward the beginning of the 2007 Miami Vice movie with Colin Farrell and Jamie Fox.Sam - Torrance, Ca
This song plays at the end, during the credits of an Entourage episode, originally airred 7-23-2007.Sam - Torrance, Ca
The Felix da Housecat remix is played in Cellular with Chris Evans (the guy from Not Another Teen Movie and Fantastic Four), Kim Bassinger and Jason Statham (from The Transporter).A.j. - Chicago, Il
The song is played only once in the movie, at the END, the scene where he "puts the painting back". Never at the beginning when he steals it. The beginning scene is very short, which is one of the best parts of the movie, how he steals it so quickly. The end is a bit longer, but still compressed. There are so many events which happen in the short amount of time as the song is played. The song works perfectly in the film as it sounds quite climactic, even on its own.Dennis - Chicagoland Burrows, Il
This song also appears in the original version of The Thomas Crown Affair (With Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen)Sam - North Vancouver, Canada