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Album: The Presidents of the United States of AmericaReleased: 1995Charted:
  • First theory: It's just a song about how peaches are great. Perhaps a little commentary about how natural peaches are better then canned stuff. Second theory: It's about women's' private parts and cunnilingus. The Presidents of the United States of America were a silly enough band to write a song about peaches. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Gregory - Lambertville, NJ
  • The peach was a symbol of immortality to the ancient Chinese. They placed bowls of peaches in the tombs of close family members to prevent the bodies from decaying. Giving the fruit as a gift was a sign of friendship. (From the book Food for Thought: Extraordinary Little Chronicles of the World by Ed Pearce)
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Comments: 29

I've always known peach to be a euphemism for a women's private parts. It has been used that way by other groups. Steve Miller sang, "I really love your peaches wanna shake your trees". The Allman Brothers had an album called Eat a Peach. The last verse of Peaches is as follows: I took a little nap where the roots all twist
Squished a rotten peach in my fist
And dreamed about you woman
I poked my finger down inside makin' a little room for a ant to hide
Nature's candy in my hand or can or a pie

How can an
yone think there's nothing sexual in that verse!?!
Ericthebold - New York, Ny
If you listen to enough PUSA tunes, you will realize that their song ideas and lyrics are pretty much based on stuff from the mentality of a little kid and how cool it can really be.Chris - New York, Ny
Me and my English teacher sang this all throughtout the summer of '06! lol I love this song!!!Megan - Stevenson, Al
in a October 1998 episode of Nevermind The Buzzcocks, this song's music video gets discussed by 911's Jimmy Constable, Sean Hughes, and that awful berk Arthur Smith. love this song from the Presidents Of The USA
Didn't Arthur Smith have a bottle of wee thrown at him during a British comedy performance
Karl - Ingatestone, United Kingdom
I am a pervert so I thought it was sexual too :)Captain D - Cincinnati, Oh
I like this song,but not when my teacher sings it
he is the one who told me about it

-Melissa,Corapeake NC
Melissa - Corapeake, Or
this song was written because the lead singer loved a girl and she moved away before he gotta say goodbye so he set under her peach tree and smashed peaches in his hand until he fell asleep i watched a interview on VH1 and he said thatJimi - Osceola, Mo
If peaches were a metaphor for something sexual, it would be for a scrotum with balls. Because if peaches are similar to anything dirty, that's it.

But it's not. It's just a song about peaches. Really.
Ryan - Brunswick, Me
One of the members of the band had a serious crush on a girl. She had a peach tree in her yard. He got up the courage to go over to her house and tell her how he felt about her ... only - she wasn't home. Instead, he sat under the tree waiting for her to come home, squishing the peaches on the ground. He was humming the tune and writing lyrics that would later become this song. And, she never did find out how he felt about her! (As said on the VH1's "100 Greatest's Songs of the 90's")Wendy - Downingtown, Pa
The writer of the song said that he was waiting for a girl to confess his feelings to under a peach tree in her back yard. He had made up his mind to tell her, but when he showed up at her house, she wasn't there. He waited under her peach tree, "squeezing peaches." He never completed the confession. She never found out the inspiration, either.Simon - Chattanooga , Tn
I agree with Jesus..I relate it to that front porch song...alot of their songs are about living the simple life, in the country. It's a simple song, and even if it does allude to sex, i think you guys are reaching way too far with the genitilia references. The main point of the song isn't sexLeah - Pittsfield, Ma
... and ... The quote from the song "And dreamed about you, WOMAN" gives strong evidence to the meaning of him thinking of a woman in a sexual way. Also, if you think of the word "country" as two seperate words, and should give you and idea of what exactly it is that is growing on that tree. ;) Besides, this IS rock-n-roll which the words in themselves are derived from sex, so I don't see anymore issues here. LOL!Scott - West Palm Beach, Fl
To B. Fred from New York NY:" They come from a can, they were put there by a man in a factory downtown"... You'd be reaching pretty far to make a sexual metaphor out of that." ...

Well, try this one: Females are born from a womb where a man impregnated her mother. Sorry, pretty simple ;) I am a huge fan of this band and yes, most of their songs have a somewhat sexual undertone. Bah, maybe it's just me, LOL!! You just have to put it together yourself and relate it to your own opinions! :)
Scott - West Palm Beach, Fl
i think that this song has a great beat, and stuff like that...and if you think that is the emaning keep it to your self...me and my freinds love singing to itSierra - Sactown, Ca
i like this song, whether it is about vaginas or peaches.

also, i like in the video when the ninjas come. it makes me laugh.
Leah - Humboldt, Ia
Oh and the comment about the band not being dirty, have you even heard "candy" it's about "girl candy" not "candy candy" COME ON "cotton candy thighs"?James - Wilson, Nc
It's not about actual peaches, they didn't write a song about peaches and it ACCIDENTALLY sounded like it was about lady parts.

They even intro it with "feel like makin' love" do people not want to accept that a bunch of stoners used a peach as a metaphor for naughty bits?
James - Wilson, Nc
I think this song is just about peaches, the fruit. After all, this is the same band to write such silly songs as "Boll Weevil" and "Love Delicatessen". But I think they get a kick out of people thinking they mean something dirty...after all, in concert they often intro-ed "Peaches" with the Bad Company song "Feel Like Makin' Love".Sada - Cleveland, Oh
I think they just like to make up funky lyrics which could have double meanings. They mention peaches in a couple of songs. They also like to sing about froggies. Get a rude meaning out of that!Jennifer - Belfast, Ireland
it's about the fruit. If you listen to the rest of the CD and everything by the presidents in particular you'll notice that they sing about simple weird quirky things like peaches, kitty's, befriending strippers, candy, postmen, tube amplifiers, and 10 million monkeys all picking up guitars - the band isn't dirtyBrandon Schaafsma - Burgessville, Canada
"Peaches" by The Presidents of the United States of America is a simple song about the desire of the band to move out of the fast-track consumer-oriented society and rembrace natural, communal living. They want to "move into the country" where they can "eat alot of peaches", and not be disturbed by local authorities who harassed them over their frequent marijuana usage.

The message is subtle, but it is very clear. Peaches shouldn't come from a "can". They shouldn't be put their by a "man". The MAN works for the establishment. DAMN THE MAN!
Jesus - Halifax, Me
In the video, the band is playing the song under a bunch of peach trees, when they are attacked by a group of ninjas (?!)Andy - Arlington, Va
"They come from a can, they were put there by a man in a factory downtown"...

You'd be reaching pretty far to make a sexual metaphor out of that, B.
Fred - New York, Ny
Perhaps they were commenting on how loose chicks from the country are? perhaps Body is the best Presidents song... perhaps perhaps, great song none the lessRico - Melbourne, Australia
When you're listening to the whole album, you'll really begin to think this song is just about peaches and how the production of this fruit is working. Many other tracks on the album are similar to this, for example a song about a spider who takes a ride on a buggy... That's, I guess, what the Presidents stand for: simple music, simple lyrics, as is not uncommon in punkrock.Tim - Groningen, Netherlands
i still reckon it's about the actual fruit, but that they are putting in all sorts of descriptions in it to make the listener think dirty instead of them just stating it, they are being cheeky.Ashley - Auckland, New Zealand
This is obviously NOT natural fruit we are talking here... it is...well... women's' private parts and cunnilingus... put in a very neat and nice way *sss* not meant neat and nice... he just likes P***Y... and it not because i want to be rude!B - Kolding, Denmark
i liked this song, i'm pretty sure it's just about peaches the fruit. It's not that complex, and if it is, i don't see the hidden meaning.Ashley - Auckland, New Zealand
I thought he was saying he only knew of canned peaches.Jake - Sydney, Australia
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