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Suite For 20G by James Taylor

Album: Sweet Baby JamesReleased: 1970
  • This song was an amalgamation of several bits of songs/melodies/lyrics/themes that Taylor had laying around as kernels for future songs that never quite made themselves known to him. He had a deadline to meet for completing Sweet Baby James, and stuck these loose themes together to make a single "Suite" and get the $20,000 (20G) advance for getting the album done on time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Steve - Hamilton, Ontario
  • The lyrics are pretty basic stuff, with a vague story about finding comfort in music. The opening line is a blatant exploit of the "moon, June, spoon" songwriting style, as Taylor sings: "Slipping away, what can I say, won't you stay inside me, month of May."
  • Taylor's producer, Peter Asher, used fairly spare instrumentation on most of the Sweet Baby James album, but on this track he opened the throttle, with a Danny Kortchmar electric guitar and a horn section.
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