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Lift Me Up by Geri Halliwell

Album: SchizophonicReleased: 1999Charted:
  • This was the third single from Halliwell's first album after leaving the Spice Girls. Her competition on the charts was Emma Bunton; it was the first time 2 Spice Girls had gone head-to-head. Geri charted higher after intense publicity with her romance with Chris Evans. Her single sold 40,000 more copies than Bunton's. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Thomas - Borehamwood, England
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Comments: 1

Ok, when geri Halliwell was in her teens, she was quite fat. This song is about her first sexual experience, and she need help up when they were finished b/c of her large size. This song really targets the emabarrasment of a fat girl being on top.Jayson - Herenesate, Ms
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