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La Tortura



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Shakira plays he role of a woman who is in pain over love and the fact that she has cried over her man too long. Alejandro Sanz, who sings on this with Shakira, plays the role of the regretful boyfriend who just wants her back. Both agree that this love hurts them - it's "torture." Shakira is telling him that she has cried over him too long and it would be best if they just said their goodbyes, while Alejandro won't let go and is expressing how he needs her in his life. (thanks, Amina - Toronto, Canada)
The American release of this album featured a remix as a bonus track, along with an acoustic version of "La Pared." (thanks, Douglas - Waterloo, England)
This song holds the record for longest run at #1 on the Hot Latin Songs. The cut led for 25 weeks in 2005.
The Spanish-language video was the first to air on MTV without an English-language version.
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Comments (8):

this is more than just a song about a guy wanting his girl back....he's also reasoning why his cheating ways should be accepted by her....that's she is his main woman, but that he NEEDS variety.....and why can she understand that?
- Monica, West Hartford, CT
The song is about somebody that suffers because his/her lover left and is like a torture for her/him.
- Sebastian, Providence, RI
I love it even though i have no idea what it says!
- Kasey, Farmington, MO
Latin singer Alejandro Sanz, had also performed duets with Destiny's Child and The Corrs.
- NikKita, panama, Other
indeed, "The Torture".
- Sebastian, Providence, RI
i love this song and my bff can speak spanish and he made me guess what title ment and i didnt know so i guessed the torture
- janetta, Davenport, IA
I am a stupid american that is in love with shakira i don't care what language her music is in i still LOVE IT !!!!!!! Her lyrics are inspiring and touching. She is my rolemodel!
- Brooke, Jasper, IN
I've seen too many American publications refer to this song as "La Torta." There's a huge difference between "torture" and a "cake."
- Jim, Oxnard, CA
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