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Her Strut


Bob Seger

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For this song, Seger was inspired by Jane Fonda, and her famous strut in the movie Barbarella. (thanks, Stephanie - Denver, CO)
Bob Seger
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Comments (9):

In 1989-1990 NWA/WCW, the manager Woman (Nancy Daus-Sullivan Benoit- RIP) used this as her entrance music.
- Jason, Tampa, FL
I seriously doubt the song has anything to do with Jane Fonda or the Vietnam War. That war was long over in 1980 when Seger released the song. I think its just a song about a dancer--a frequent Seger subject.
- Rich, Tampa, FL
One of Bob Seger's best songs.
- Elizabeth, Syracuse, NY
Her Strut is a recycled version of Fire Down Below and Jane Fonda is a recycled Tokyo Rose. Great website,BTW
- Bob, Suffern, NY
This song is actually about Jane Fonda's strut while walking up to the podium to talk about the Vietnam War at a function in Washington D.C. Seger saw her on TV. Sure wish they would get their facts straight on this Website.
- Kurt, Raleigh, NC
I love Bob Seger, but I turn the station when this song comes on, because it was inspired by Jane Fonda and I don't approve of her actions during the Vietnam War. How Disrespectful of our troops.
- Cheryl, Richmond, VA
I'm all for honoring young Jane Fonda's strut, but this song is annoying.
- Steve, Fenton, MO
any Bob Seger song is a great song......
- George, Richmond, VA
The chorus features a clever play on words: "They do respect her, but they love to watch her strut." In the fine tradition of mondegreens, this line is often quoted as "They do respect her butt/They love to watch her strut."
- Joshua, Twin Cities, MN
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