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I Saw Red by Warrant

Album: Cherry PieReleased: 1990Charted:
  • This is a ballad about having your heart broken because your girlfriend cheated on you, and having to say goodbye because of her betrayal. (thanks, cuda - astoria, NY)
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Comments: 16

The song was inspired by a true story of betrayal. It was written after Lane had walked in on his girlfriend in bed with his best friend, resulting in his nervous breakdown and the delayed release of the band's first record Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. (got this off Wikipedia)Amber - Gulf Shores
OOOH......I always thought that he opened the door and that the walls were painted the wrong color, now I get it...This one has some serious hidden messages.Mikem - Port Washington, Wi
I love the contrast between the verses and chorus. The verses are full of hope, while in the chorus his hopes are crushed. Brilliant song writing. I had the pleasure of meeting Jani Lane back in the late 80's. Good guy. RIP!Tommy Foxx - Peekskill, Ny
@Pennell, Kansas City...
Bourgeois Tagg's "I Don't Mind At All" was released before "I Saw Red", so if anything, Warrant seems to have produced a song that sounds like Bourgeois Tagg's. "I Saw Red" is still one of my favourite songs though.
Nina - Bronx, Ny
Listen to Bourgeois Tagg's I Don't Mind At All, you can clearly see it's an obvious attempt at this song......seriously, download it and listen, especially every verse that starts out.Pennell - Kansas City, Mo
she blushed from embarrassment of getting caughtMike - Rapid, Sd
I didnt even need to she his face, I saw yours, I saw red, and I shut the door. she blussed. and didnt need to see anymore.Mike - Rapid, Sd
I love this song since the first day i heard it, it got me really sad to hear that a girl cheated on Jani lane(i would not have cheated on him he was so damn hott)but if that girl had never cheated on him he would have never wrote such a beautiful song like thisNaomi - Malibu, Ca
Do not know if it's true or not but my elder brother (who is very rocknoledgable) told me the guy was Bret Michaels and the woman was Pamela Anderson.She goes through rock gods like a fat kid through cake. Janie darlin', you soulda seen it coming.Sarah - Lakeland, Falkland Islands
When he says, "I saw red" it means that he was so angry, he was seeing red. It's a figure of speech.Sasha - Winston, Ms
I think red is the anger he feels.Bob - Kansas City, Mo
I think red is his blood cause he sings "my heart just spilled out on the floor"Fredrik - Stockholm, Sweden
I saw Warrant sing this live in the late '90...the lead singer said that he wrote this song based on a girl in his life and he "still hates the bitch"Dl - Hightstown, Nj
Great Song, I love the acoustic version.
I wonder... who´s Red?
Edgar - Guatemala
This song was HUGE in 1990 in Texas, me and my 12 year old friends loved these guys HAHAAmandass - Buckley, Wa
There are two versions of this video, one with the band and one acoustic. The acoustic one is that way, because Jani Lane wanted to record the video in a cemetary, and the rest of the band wouldn't set foot in it.Jen - Birmingham, Al