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Para Los Rumberos by Santana

Album: Santana IIIReleased: 1971
  • The second Tito Puente cover song released by Santana, it provides a dance number to close out their third album. In Santana's adaptation, guitarist Carlos Santana and percussionists Jose "Chepito" Areas and Mike Carabello are mentioned in this song, as they basically provided the rhythm section.
  • The Tower of Power horn section played on this song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jim - Oxnard, CA, for above 2
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Comments: 2

BTW. Luis Gasca features beautifully (yet is not credited) on "Guajira", off the same album. As for "Para los rumberos" (or, "Pa' los rumberos", as it had been originally entitled), the song was first released in 1956 by Tito Puente on the "Cuban Carnival" album. Hence the Santana version. But - as it happens - the latter proved to be a sucess which made Puente envious, so he returned to his old tune and released it once again, re-arranged and up-tempoed (much in the Santana vein), in 1972 on his "Para los Rumberos" album.Filip - Warszawa, Poland
It wasn't this song that Tower of Power played on, it was "Everybody's Everything" (off the same album). Jazz trumpeter Luis Gasca that played on this cut.Oscar - Socal, Ca
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