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Aneurysm by Nirvana

Album: IncesticideReleased: 1992
  • This is the first song Kurt Cobain wrote about his ex-girlfriend Tobi Vail after their breakup, trying to win her back. The line "Love you so much, it makes me sick," is a reference to when Kurt would throw up just thinking about the breakup. >>
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    Matt - Millbrae, CA
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Comments: 30

1st off .musicians rarely admit to there songs being about drugs .as i agree there are a lot off songs people equate to drugs when there not about drugs this one couldn't be more clear every line equates to heroin use twist the belt around your arm overdo it have a fit o.d ing .love you so much it makes me sick .dope sick .beat me out off me how much you change once you start shooting she keeps it pumping .his dealer .last line come on over and shoot the s--t ....i mean really pick a different song to argue about .Eddie - Queens Nyc
"Aneurysm" is about Kurt Cobain's first girlfriend... he was obsessed with her when she was with him he would get anxiety and nauseous. Same girl that wore teen spirit deodorant that inspired "Smells Like Teen Spirit". This song had zero to do with any drug.Jc Roc Smooth - Baltimore Md
guys guys guys aneurysm is not about heroin, defenitley not about crystal meth, he didnt use crystal, the song is obviously about a girl that always busted his and gave him an aneurysm, im sure every guy on this site has made a song like that about a girl that made them sick....every guy knows how it is, his music was not all about heroin, but like someone said before, he might use words that have nothing to do with being high, so it was like a secret almost. and might i add some of these songs that were are discussing about mixed messages, are some or if the best nirvana songs out, examp. Drain You, he says " it is now my duty to completely drain you.......i TRAVEL THRU A TUBE AND IM IN UR AFFECTION", In anuerysm hes just really tight about his girl, come on over and do the twist, hehe cocaine u said , or crystal.. yeah right come on over and do the twist means i love u so much but when u get here my feelings take a twist... over do it and have a fit....im sorry if u do too much heroin u wont have a fit, then he says beat me out of me.....she keeps it pumping straight in my heart....ive had fights like this with my girlfriendsNick - Fresh Meadows, Ny
this is my take: Tobi (or whoever the girl might be) comes over and they play records. Kurt notices her really thrashin' around like punkers do. To the point of havin' a fit. This intrigues him to the point of nausea...He could be in love. Sometimes when she comes over they just talk, other times they shoot dope. Kurt likes her because she motivates him to come out of his shell more. He is content because she is really diggin' him. Infact , it's pumpin' through him keepin' him motivated and interested.in music/sex/drugs/etc.... (at least for another year or so).Norad - Eastern Shore, Md
travis are you f--king serious why out of all the songs he wrote why would the song "Aneurysm" be about coke. It's stupid.Gember Dinarte - Washington, Dc
Come on, guys. This song is clearly about Coca-Cola. You "twist" off the top. He "loved it so much it made him sick" if he didn't drink it everyday. After drinking it he would take his gun outside and "shoot s**t" while buzzing on caffeine. Then he would go inside and masturbate. I don't see how anyone can interpret this song any differently.Travis - Lehi, Ut
I have looked at half a dozen Nirvana songs on this site, and every single one of them had commenters INSISTING that each song was DEFINITELY about heroin/addiction. Yes, Kurt was a well-documented drug addict. Yes, it's safe to assume that he wrote some songs about his addiction. In fact, he (somewhat) frequently used addiction as a metaphor for relationships and other things.

But not every single song HAS to be about drugs. And just because you think it's about heroin, that doesn't mean that it should be listed as a fact, when the artist has specifically stated otherwise. To me it seems even disrespectful to write off every song he wrote as "Oh that's about him being a junkie". There was much more to the man than being some smack head.

That would be like me saying every Nickleback song should have "This song is complete and utter garbage" listed as a fact because I think it's true.
Aaron - Detroit, Mi
registered to post this. firstly, Mike, Worcecester, yes Aneurysm from LTSO was easily the best version i have seen.
I've always believed the song to be about Heroin, even though he didn't admit it because people always harped on about his drug habit, and he didn't want people constantly on his back about it. It comes down to the fact that every line in the song can be directly related to heroin useage.
Boddah - Sydney, Australia
ok, i signed up just to post on this song. yes, it is about toby vail, no, it's not about heroin or meth and yes he did write it before he dated her. he was so nervous around her he got sick and would throw up. also on a lyric, to "shoot the s--t" is a slang phrase to converse with someone and to just bulls--t, not to shoot heroin or as another term for meth. also on a side note it is through toby vail that he met kathleen hannah who spray painted on a wall "kurt smells like teen spirit", meaning the deodorant, although kurt had never heard of that brand he thought she meant teenage spirit.Johnny - Pittsburgh, Pa
come on over and do the twist
you twist the pipe when you smoke meth
love you so much it makes me sick
beeing strung out, dope sick
come on over and shot the sh*t
shit is an other word for meth and you can also shot it up....
Juan - Riverside, Ca
I think "over do it and have a fit" is about overdosing heroin, and "Love you so much it makes me sick" is about him loving heroin so much,and he wants to stop but cant, so he is sick of it.And like everyone else said,"beat me out of me"its a drug reference.
Anyways no matter what nirvana is the best and even if he did some bad things Kurts with god now...RIP Kurt
Chris - Pensacola, Fl
I hate to be the one to tell you this but you are all wrong
the song is actually a love song written about Tobi Vail (his "girlfriend" prior to meeting courtney. He wrote the song hoping that it could win her back
obviously it didnt
The line ,"Love you so much it makes me sick" refers to him actually throwing up from being so nervous around her
Garrett - Orland, Ca
its about sex with tobi vai, the line "Beat me out of Me" is referring to her giving him a handjob. Very good song.Chris - Brooklyn, Ny
im probably wrong but i think of the lyrics like a description of his suicide but sounds like someone helped him with it. "come on over do the twist" (unscrewing heroine bottle) "over do it and have a fit" (overdosing heroine sesuire?) "beat me out of me" (shotgun) i dont know it just reminds me, probably not though, greatest band ever Rip Kurt, also one of my favorite songsJim - Butthole, Laos
Upon reading all previous comments the only thing I can add is an acknowledgement to Cobain's brilliant use of double entendre in this and many other Nirvana lyrics.Angelina - La Jolla, Ca
i agree with mike in Worcecester. Also, i think it might be about both, like kurt said on Live Tonight sold Out, i dont like lyrics that put the meaning right in peoples faces.
- Ed, Chodania, FL

Kurt Cobain is a liar, he says lots of things and doesnt mean them.
Mr.Nirvana ^^
Tyler - Toronto, Canada
This song is about heroin. "beat me out of me" is term for shooting upMick - New York, Ny
Actually it isnt about the breakup.
According to Heavier Than Heaven [a biography of Kurt Cobain], he wrote it before they started going out because he loved her so much he threw up thinking about her.
X.grudge Is Dead.x - New City, Ny
i agree with mike in Worcecester. Also, i think it might be about both, like kurt said on Live Tonight sold Out, i dont like lyrics that put the meaning right in peoples faces.Ed - Chodania, Fl
Drugs or Women, this songs awesome.Jon - Oakridge, Or
When i listen to Aneurysm,i think about a girl i love.She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart.Marko - Novi Sad, Serbia
Whether this song was written before Kurt tried heroin is actually a matter of debate, not of fact. From what I understand he first used it at age 20, which is concurrent with time frame this song was believed to be written at. It could be written about Tobi Vail, or heroin, or both. No one will ever know for a FACT. All I'm pointing out is that EVERY line of the song is easily associated with heroin usage.David - Suburbia, Il
The best version is on the Nirvana VHS Home Video called 'Live Tonight sold Out'Mike - Worcecester, England
This song was written before Kurt had even tried heroin, so that theory is like an ice cube; it is solid for a while but it will eventually melt. Which it just did.Tom - Wapakoneta, Oh
I think Dave's theory that the song about heroin is solid. Perhaps that should be listed as a songfact, not a comment.Kurt - Downers Grove, Il
I'm pretty sure this song is about Kurt's struggle with Heroin. Heroin usage usually causes disassocation ("beat me out of me") and vommiting ("love you so much it makes me sick"). Also, "overdo it and have a fit" is an obvious reference to overdosing. Aneurysms are caused by a weakening of a blood vessel's cell wall, which can be associated with IV needle use ("shoot the s**t")David - Suburbia, Il
The best live song on the Muddy Banks of Wishkah CD.Nick - Plainfield, Il
My favirite song of all timeJason - Dover, Pa
amazing song...one of my fav nirvana songsRyan - Glasgow, Scotland
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