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Whisper by Evanescence

Album: FallenReleased: 2003
  • The ending chorus, "Servatis a periculum, servatis a maleficum" is Latin for "Save yourselves from danger, save yourselves from evil" according to Amy Lee's translations. >>
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    Lauren - Huntley, IL
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Comments: 17

I think this song is about seeing something you really don't want to see, but you can't look away, and you can't do anything. This idea came to me when i had a dream about my crush getting killed in front of me, and later, hearing this song for the first time, I immediately thought of this song.Cass - Portland, Or
This song reminds me of Gone With The Wind when Scarlett faces what happened at Tara in her absence w/ her mother dying, father losing his mind and all the sickness and fear surrounding her.Jennie - Ansonia, Ct
This song sounds like it represents spirits... "speaking to the atmosphere, no one's hear... imobilized by my fear... don't turn away... don't try to hide". I could go on but anyone who has had an "experience" knows what I am talking about. You DO will it away. I was told once that when things happen to pray for Archangel Michael to come. Reminds me of the ending of the song. After reading this go listen to it again.Tracie - Alpharetta, Ga
In this article, There is a Transtation Error.

Not "Save yourselves from danger, save yourselves from evil" but "You're saving yourselves from danger, you're saving yourselves from evil". This latin phrase is NOT an imperative but an indicative.
Speratoris - Seoul, Korea
i love this song so much it is really meaningful as most of thier songs areClarese - Cooma, Australia
I love this song me and my bff named each other after our fave song's and my friend was named Whisper and me Emergency 4m Paramore Comatose was my first option but it didnt fit haha ^_~Janet - Orlando, Fl
Awesome song, and the Latin translation is correct. ^^Rachael - K-town, Tn
I looooooooooooove Evanescence soooooo much! The lyrics of their songs are so meaningful and helped me through a really hard time.Melody - Brisbane, Australia
Haha I had a friend who thought that in the end they were saying "Let's get some really good root beer" or something like that. It was really funny when I told her what they were really saying; the look on her face was priceless and we still joke about it even though it was like, two years ago. Lawl. Anyway. Absolutely love this song and this band--music=life, so rock on!Jailene - K-town, Wa
This song is amazin though my favorite is Haunted,but this still rocks.plus, Amy Lee has an angelic incredible voice...guys, i just can't stop listening to them, night and day,even when i study,take a shower,eat,drink,or whatever...and the most important thing is that their songs prevent me from drinkin(alcohol),they just manage my stress in the perfect way...i love them..Hadeel - Lebanon, United States
i can relate relate: me wanting to give up so badly, but too afraid to and i just feel like crying all the time ["...and soon to be blinded by tears..."] "she beckons me, shall i give in?" is how i feel how my mother hates me all the time, but she says she loves me and i wonder if i'm wrong or right. "i can stop the pain if i will it all away" i know i can stop the pain somehow (i did once, but it didn't last and it was too quick). "don't turn away [don't give into the pain]" is like, trying very hard not to give up. "don't try to hide [though they're screaming your name]" is like me saying to myself, 'don't be afraid of them...' sort of like the line, "don't close your eyes [God knows what lies behind them]" and "catch me as I fall. say you're here and it's all over now." means that i've never had anyone who was ever there to listen and no one was ever there. and i need someone to help me stop 'falling'.Tara - Somewhere, Fl
so many evanescence songs start with quiet guitar, then quiet drums then sometimes amy lee coming in (quietly) THEN the big bass/guitar but this song... BAM!! dugga da dugga du YEAH! love it. the futher away from emo and closer to heavy metal the betterZac - Sydney, Australia
This song is one of my favorites by this band. It is so cool and i just love the mixture of gutairs and drum. by the voice of the leader is the best. This song is so unique because of the little taste of opra that Amy Lee brings to all of her music.Megan - Hubert, Nc
Yet another good song by Evanescence, but 'good' does not cover it. Evanescence's lyrics always hold such a deep and strong power over me, and whisk me away. The music is excellent, powerful and controlling. This song is truly great in every concept. 'Whisper' has details that are almost scary. It's emotional and everything else.Naomi - Kent, England
i like the song!! but it brings back bad memories.Tera - Salem, In
According to Amy: The girl in the song dying, or so she thinks, and she is wanting hell so that this torture can end because it's killing her so much. Then she is praying that she can redeem herself, and that if she can, she's safe. As of this point, its sort of looking into the future. She's crying because she refuses to give in, but in hell, the pain is endless - it cannot be interrupted. She begins to get scared of her surroundings in hell, and what's happening to her, because she's realized that it's not going to end. From then on she is in constant agony and fears of what is happening and will literally cry herself into blindness. The last part is the process of death; it's too late, and it's over.Samantha - Nowheresville, Wa
this song is so awesome, it's my favorite.Yuna - Kyoto
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