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(Ghost) Riders In the Sky by The Outlaws

Album: Ghost RidersReleased: 1980Charted:
  • This was written and originally recorded by Stan Jones in 1948. Jones was a forest ranger who wrote songs on the side. After recording his version of the song, artists like Burl Ives, Bing Crosby, Gene Autry and Johnny Cash all recorded it, and the song became a cowboy standard.
  • The melody is based on the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home."
  • The song presents an image of cowboy hell - riders who are doomed to chase the Devil's cattle for all eternity.
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Comments: 21

On February 8th 1961, the Ramrods performed an instrumental covered version of "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" on the ABC-TV program 'American Bandstand'...
At the time the song was at #55 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; and a week later it peaked at #30 {for 1 week} and spent 9 weeks on the Top 100...
It was the group's only Top 100 record...
Later in 1961 on September 25th Lawrence Welk's version of the song would enter the Top 100 at #91; and for the next two weeks it would be at #87 and then would fall completely of the chart.
Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Spike Jones (best known for "Der Fuehrer's Face" and "Cocktails For Two") recorded a version that made fun of Vaughn Monroe's version. Marty Robbins also recorded a version I like because it's slower than others, and a bit haunting.Patrick - Bremen, Ga
The Outlaws and Johhny Cash i have,Haven't heard the other version yet,but the movie sucked,lolJorge - Bronx, Ny
There is an awful cover done by a heavy metal group called "Cradle of Filth". The Canadian group, Captain Tractor, has a version w/alternate lyrics.Beck - Vancouver, Bc
This was done first with Vaughn Monroe & covered by various groups & people. The Ramrods did a good instrutmental featuring sound effects with calls noises & mooing cattle. This is something to see if you are high or not. The equalivent of that is a Funeral Caravan and it's 2 miles long and one person in a car warns the onlooker to change his way or ends up being part of the funeral caravan. This is a classic tune. Marcus BrainardMarcus - Columbus, Oh
I was born in'43 and my earliest memories of this song were hearing my Uncles,The Bald Eagles (Hartman Brothers) sing a version that they got from the Sons of the pioneers.I could not have been more than 5 or 6 years old at the time.Norma - Signal Mt, Tn
On May 14th, 1949 "(Ghost) Riders in the Sky" by Vaughn Monroe reached No. 1 and stayed in the top spot for 11 consecutive weeks!!! {NOTE: The actual offical named is: "{Ghost) Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend"}Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
The British band "The Shadows" have a great version of this song on You Tube!!!Barry - Sauquoit, Ny
Johnny cash has the best version of the song.Shawn - Prescott, Az
I like willy nelson and jhonny cash do this song together.Slyar - Coolidge, Az
The guy that sings this song the best is Vaughn MonroeLester - New York City, Ny
The Outlaws did it well, but no one could better the Man in Black's eerie basso profundo vocals on his version.Oldpink - New Castle, In
Deborah Harry of Blondie fame did this song for the movie 3 Businessmen in which I have the soundtrack toCharles - Rialto, Ca
i loved this song ever since i watched ghost ridder me and my dad love it cher! <3Heather - London, United Kingdom
The Ramrods, a surf-instrumental band did a nice version of this song in the early 60's. It broke the top 40 but was not a huge hit. The surf bit actually adds a lot to the song as well as the synch sound effectsDave - Des Moines, Ia
The Cash's version is simply the best. I think that the main character was seduced by the dark side.Gerardo - Monterrey, Mexico
Love Cashes version.Jon - Oakridge, Or
hughie left skynyrd and is now back on tour with the outlawsChris - Milford, Ct
It was also recorded by Vaugn Monroe in 49 or early 50's and the Ramrods as an instrumental circa 1962Ken Spooner - Nashville, Tn
The song was indeed written and recorded by Stan Jones, but the year was 1949.Chris - Troy, Mi
Hughie Thomasson of the Outlaws later moved on to Lynyrd Skynrd.Dan - Lee, Nh
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